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Enrollment and Degree Verification

Enrollment and Degree Verification

Arizona State University is frequently asked to certify a student's earned degrees and/or enrollment status (full-time, part-time, etc.). Enrollment status is determined by the number of credits for which a student is enrolled during the term in which certification is requested. Courses a student has withdrawn from are not included. Note that classes taken for audit are included in total enrolled hours.

How to Obtain an Enrollment or Degree Verification

  1. Log in to My ASU and navigate to the My Classes box
  2. Select Grades & Transcripts
  3. Select Transcripts & Test Scores
  4. Select Enrollment Verification

You will be able to select from several options including your major, earned degrees, and semester and cumulative GPA, and print out the Enrollment Verification as a PDF.

If you need special information on your Enrollment Verification, or if you need a specialty verification form completed such as the Canadian or Alaskan form, submit an Enrollment Verification Request form at any University Registrar Services location (photo ID required for in-person visits). Requests by email, mail or fax must include the student's verifiable signature. Please allow up to two business days for processing.

For students that attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management prior to December 31, 2014, information on how to obtain verification of your Thunderbird coursework or degree can be found here.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact University Registrar Services, Records & Enrollment Services at

Enrollment & Degree Verification for Outside Agencies and Third Parties

ASU has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse to process all enrollment and degree verification requests for employers, employment agencies, background search firms, and various other businesses that offer products or services based on the individual's status as an enrolled student.

  • If you need assistance, contact National Student Clearinghouse directly at 703-742-4200.
  • If the National Student Clearinghouse can confirm the degree or enrollment, the response is immediate and requestors will be able to print or obtain a PDF version of the verification.
  • Enrollment verifications for each term will be available starting the first week of classes for that term.
  • A fee will be charged for this service.

Full-Time and Half-Time Credit Requirements for Enrollment Verification Purposes

Fall & Spring Semesters

Status Undergraduate  Graduate 
Full time 12+ credit hours 9+ credit hours
3/4 time 9 - 11 credit hours 7 - 8 credit hours
Half time 6 - 8 credit hours 5 - 6 credit hours
Less than half time 1 - 5 credit hours 1 - 4 credit hours


Summer Sessions

Status Undergraduate Graduate
Full time 4+ credit hours 3+ credit hours
Half time 2 - 3 credit hours 2 credit hours
Less than half time 1 credit hour 1 credit hour


Financial Aid Recipients: Full-time and half-time credit requirements may be different for financial aid disbursement purposes. Please review the Award Disbursement Rules to determine the required enrolled hours needed for financial aid disbursement.

Co-Operative Education

Students are required to be enrolled in a designated co-op course within their college for a minimum of one credit hour during the co-op semester. Co-op students will be identified for enrollment verification purposes as being in full-time status. This will include verification to the National Student Clearinghouse for loan deferment purposes. The co-op experience must meet the clock time in hours of work to meet the full- time enrollment requirement, as monitored by the student’s college. A credit hour is defined as a minimum of 45 clock hours. Please review the Award Disbursement Rules to determine the required enrolled hours needed for financial aid disbursement.