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ASU hosts a number of graduation ceremonies each fall and spring semester. See University Ceremonies for details.

Commencement Book

University Commencement books are published after fall and spring semesters. Names for summer graduates will appear in the fall commencement book.  The most recent and past programs (from 2012 forward) can be found at

Academic Recognition & Honor Cords

An undergraduate student must have completed at least 56 credit hours of resident credit at ASU to qualify for graduation with academic recognition for a baccalaureate degree. The cumulative GPA determines the designation, as shown in the table below.  

Students eligible for academic recognition are given honor cords to be worn at graduation ceremonies.   Your current GPA will determine which cords you are given. Your diploma and transcripts will reflect the appropriate recognition based on all coursework completed at ASU, including courses in your final semester.   

Pick up honor cords at any University Registrar Services location.   

ASU Online Students: After you apply to graduate you will receive an email with additional information about honor cords and ceremonies. 

Cumulative GPA Designation
3.40-3.59 cum laude
3.60-3.79 magna cum laude
3.80-4.00 summa cum laude

The cumulative GPA for these designations is based on ASU resident course work only. All designations of graduation with academic recognition are indicated on the diploma and the ASU transcript. Graduation with academic recognition applies only to undergraduate degrees.

A student who has a baccalaureate degree from ASU and is pursuing a second baccalaureate degree at ASU (with a minimum of 30 hours of resident credit) is granted academic recognition on the second degree based on credit hours earned subsequent to the posting of the first degree.

  • If fewer than 56 credit hours are completed at ASU subsequent to completion of the first ASU degree, the level of academic recognition can be no higher than obtained on the first degree.
  • If 56 or more credit hours are completed at ASU after completion of the first ASU degree, the level of academic recognition is based on the GPA earned for the second ASU degree.

Inquiries about graduation with academic recognition may be directed to or 480-965-3256.

Master’s Students graduating With Distinction

Graduate students completing a master’s program with a 4.0 cumulative GPA qualify for With Distinction recognition. This recognition is indicated on the diploma and the ASU transcript with a notation of With Distinction. The With Distinction recognition began in fall 2022 and will not be awarded retroactively to students who completed master's degrees prior to fall 2022. The cumulative GPA for With Distinction recognition is based on ASU coursework only.

Master’s students eligible at the time of the Graduate Commencement Ceremony for With Distinction recognition are provided ceremonial medallions that can be worn at Graduate Commencement and Convocation ceremonies. The cumulative GPA at the time of the Graduate Commencement ceremony will determine eligibility for the medallion. However, the diploma and transcript will only reflect that they graduated With Distinction if the posting of final grades results in a final cumulative GPA of 4.0.  

Eligible students can pick up ceremonial medallions to wear at Graduate Commencement at the following locations during regular business hours.:

ASU Online Students: ASU online students who submitted an RSVP to attend the Graduate Commencement Ceremony are encouraged to pick up a medallion prior to the day of the ceremony at the locations listed above. All ASU online students eligible for the medallion but unable to attend the ceremony will be mailed a medallion to the same address on file for the mailing of their diploma.

Please note that doctoral graduates are individually recognized at Graduate Commencement for their achievement. The doctorate is the highest educational attainment and these students are recognized at Commencement by their name being called, along with a special hooding process conducted by their faculty.


Commencement and Convocation FAQs

Are tickets required for graduation ceremonies?
Most ceremonies do not require tickets. To view a list of ceremonies and to determine which events will require tickets, please visit

Where is disabled parking at Commencement?
Parking information for Sun Devil Stadium and Desert Financial Arena, including disabled parking and shuttle service can be viewed at

Where is disabled seating at Commencement and Convocations?
Information on accessibility and inclusivity for graduates and guests can be viewed at



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