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Summer Sessions

Stay on track or get ahead with summer classes

Taking summer school classes offers you a chance to get closer to your degree, catch up on degree requirements or take courses for personal and professional development.

Choose from over 5,000 classes available in summer 2020. The ASU academic calendar has all the dates and deadlines you need to know.

Summer 2020

More than 20 of ASU’s most popular classes will be offered with multiple start dates throughout the summer.

Summer sessions A and C (starting on Monday, May 18, 2020) will be offered through ASU Online, iCourses and live, digital Zoom sessions. There will be no in-person teaching for summer sessions A or C.

Almost all instruction in summer session B beginning July 1 will be offered remotely, through live, virtual classes, ASU Online and ASU iCourses. A small number of courses in summer B session that do not lend themselves to remote instruction will be offered with in-person instruction on campus.

How to enroll in summer classes

Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate ASU students

Registration is now open. View the summer schedule of classes. If you have any questions about what you need to take to stay on track or get ahead, contact your academic advisor.

Visiting university students

If you are an undergraduate student in good academic standing at any community college or university, you are eligible to take courses for credit from Arizona State University as a visiting university student. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree or are looking to enroll in ASU courses at the graduate level are welcome to apply as a graduate nondegree-seeking applicant.

Returning ASU undergraduates

If you are an undergraduate degree-seeking student who previously attended ASU but who has not been enrolled at ASU for up to seven consecutive fall or spring semesters, you may be eligible to return through Quick Re-entry. You do not need to submit a new application or application fee. See undergraduate readmission for further information.

Tuition & Fees

Visit summer general undergraduate and graduate tuition and fees.

Summer 2020 Awards

  • Currently enrolled on-campus undergraduate students who are non-residents or international students will receive a $700 Summer 2020 Award for every three credits taken (or a $430 Summer 2020 Award for ASU@ LakeHavasu).

  • Newly admitted on-campus undergraduates for fall 2020 will receive a $500 Summer 2020 Award for every three credits taken (or a $300 Summer 2020 Award for ASU@ LakeHavasu).

  • Students who graduated from ASU in spring 2020 who wish to take on-campus summer graduate classes at the 500 level will receive a $500 Summer 2020 Award for every three credits taken.

Financial Aid

Need financial aid to attend summer sessions? Eligible continuing and new students are considered for summer financial assistance after completing the summer financial aid process.

Load Limit

Students taking summer classes must comply with the summer sessions credit load limit:

  • seven semester hours for each six-week session
  • nine semester hours for the eight-week session
  • may not exceed a total of 14 semester hours for any combination of sessions

Requests in excess of seven credit hours per summer session must be approved by the college of your major. Please speak with your college for more information on obtaining an overload petition.

Registration & Advising

Use My ASU to access online registration tools to schedule classes for summer sessions.

ASU highly encourages students to seek advising and review course prerequisites to ensure appropriate class selection.