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Registering for Classes

Registering for Classes

Step One

Apply for Admission

All new students will first need to apply for admission to ASU. All new students should also follow the additional steps below to enroll at ASU. Continuing ASU students can skip this step and move on to step two.

Step Two

Check Registration Date

After admission, you should check your assigned registration date. This is the date and time that you can begin registering for the upcoming semester. While you can register anytime from the beginning of your assigned registration date through the end of the registration period, ASU strongly encourages you to register as soon as possible. The registration date for newly admitted freshmen is the same date that they attend their orientation program. You can sign in to My ASU to view the date and time of your assigned registration date. Registration dates are not required for summer sessions. Consult the Academic Calendar for more information on important dates and deadlines.

Step Three

Clear any Registration Holds

Sign in to My ASU to determine if you have any holds that will prevent you from registering for classes. Examples of registration holds include missing transcripts, unpaid fees, academic advising requirements and immunizations requirements. Clearing registration holds as quickly as possible avoids delays in registration which can impact your chances of getting the classes and schedule that are best for you.

Step Four

Register for Classes

Once you have cleared any registration holds and your registration date has arrived, you are ready to register for classes. You may register for classes online or in person. You can also search for available classes online.

Step Five

Pay Tuition and Fees

Once you are registered, sign in to My ASU to view and pay your tuition and fees. More information regarding how tuition and fees are calculated and important deadlines for paying tuition and fees is available via the Student Business Services website and the Registration and Tuition Payment Guide.

Step Six

Purchase Textbooks

Sign in to My ASU to review your class schedule, obtain your required book list and order textbooks through ASU Bookstores.