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Residency Deadlines

Residency Deadlines


Deadlines are critical and missing a deadline can have significant consequences. 

  • Petition deadline.  Per ABOR policy, failure to submit a petition by this deadline constitutes a waiver of your right to petition for that term. This deadline applies to the online questionnaire/petition.
  • Document deadline.  Your supporting documetation must be submitted by this date, which is 21 days after the petition deadline.   Your petition cannot be evaluated without supporting documentation. 
  • Priority deadline is for students who have a complete petition (docs included) prior to this date. 
Deadline Summer 20202 Fall 2020 Spring 20213 What it Means - Why It's Important

Petition Deadline1

May 19

August 26

January 15

  • Your petition questionnaire must be submitted before this deadline or you forfeit your chance to petition for this semester.
  • This date is used for determining domicile year.  Requirements for any given petition type must be met by the date.

Document Deadline

June 8

September 9

February 1

  • This is the last day to submit supporting documentation for your petition.  
  • Petitions that are lacking supporting documentation will be withdrawn.

Priority Deadline

April 1

June 1

November 1

  • Petitions completed prior to the priority deadline will be evaluated before the first day of classes. 
  • Meeting this deadline means your decision will be reviewed before tuition is due.

1You will not be permitted to initiate a new petition after the petition deadline.  Late requests cannot be considered and there is no option to appeal a missed deadline. 

2Students who submit a petition for summer 2020 will be priortized based on current enrollment; students enrolled for summer 2020 classes will be evaluated first.

3Spring 2021 petitions will be available September 22, 2020.

When to submit your petition

Submit everything as early as possible, but not prior to when you meet requirements.  For example, if you will meet the requirement for 12 months of continuous presence in July, submit your petition in July.  Submitting a petition too early means you may have to wait a little longer for your decision. 

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