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Inside ASU podcast

Real ASU students talk about real ASU life

Whether you’re about to start classes at Arizona State University or still have a couple years of high school left, it’s good to know a few things about your new university before you get started. Inside ASU offers you inside information about living on campus, financial aid, joining clubs and everything else to get you prepared for your ASU experience. Join Molly and Ben, two spirited Sun Devils who share stories, information and tips they’ve picked up along the way, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to confidently start your Sun Devil adventure.

Exploring Majors series: Graphic design

Graphic design can be a fun major, but it also requires a lot of patience. Did you know you can spend hours getting a square just right? In this episode, Molly and Ben talk with Joe, a graphic design major who wants to get into page layout when he graduates.

What does #1 in innovation even mean?

If you live in the Phoenix area, there’s no way you can miss that ubiquitous ranking. On buses and billboards, it shouts: ASU is the #1 school in the U.S. for innovation. But what does that even mean and why should it matter to an ASU student? In this episode, Molly and Ben talk to Jonah Hrkal — the ASU student host of the podcast Innovation Happens — about innovation at ASU and how it adds up to amazing opportunities for students.

Exploring Majors series: Interdisciplinary Studies

Did you know you can customize your own degree at ASU? It’s true. An interdisciplinary studies degree enables you to choose two areas of focus. Listen to Molly and Ben talk to Miguel, an interdisciplinary studies major who is studying studio art and film studies in his quest to become an animator.

Exploring Majors series: Materials Science and Engineering

Ever wonder how your smartphone knows to swipe when it feels your finger drag across it? In this inaugural episode of the Exploring Majors series, Molly and Ben talk with Daniel, a materials science and engineering major who shares what his program is all about.

Greek is great! What it’s like to be part of a sorority or fraternity at ASU.

You may have an idea in your mind of what sorority or fraternity life is like. And it’s probably wrong. (There are no togas.) In this episode, Molly and Ben talk with Hanna and Alex, two ASU students who are active in Greek life. Listen to them explain what it’s like to be in a sorority or fraternity, how to go about joining, and how ASU Greek life is amazingly diverse.

What is homecoming and why should you be going?

Homecoming is a week full of fun events on all the ASU campuses. Hear about some of the biggies like the Lantern Walk, parade, block party and football game. And find out how Molly and Ben plan to become homecoming king and queen next year (if Ben can ever get his princess wave perfected).

I have a parent in the military. Can I use their benefits to go to ASU?

Is your mom or dad an active member of the armed services? If so, they can pass their military education benefits on to you, so you can go to ASU. But there’s a lot to know about the process (and lots of paperwork involved). In this episode, Molly and Ben talk to Kayani Bituin, an ASU student who works in the Pat Tillman Veterans Center, and who is going to ASU using her dad’s military benefits.

Want to boost your grades? Lift some weights.

It’s true that a healthy body can mean a healthy mind. If you’re not feeling well, it’s harder to do well in class. So maybe part of your study routine should include a workout routine. And staying in shape at ASU is no sweat. (Well, it’s a little sweat.) In this episode, Molly and Ben introduce you to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex, a state-of-the-art campus gym where the new you begins.

My professor is actually way cool! Why you should go to professor office hours at ASU

Where do you plan to hang out most at ASU? Your dorm room? Starbucks? Your professor’s office? You read that right, your professor’s office. All professors hold weekly office hours, and whether you’re struggling in a class or acing it you should go. In this episode, Molly and Ben explain why, and they tell you about a cool video you should FOH sure check out.

What to do if you get sick during the semester

Getting sick is no fun. But at least ASU Health Services makes getting well a little easier. Plus, they offer all sorts of other health resources. Massages anyone? Listen to Molly and Ben talk about all the different ways ASU Health Services can keep you feeling your best.

Why the FAFSA really isn’t scary at all

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the FAFSA. That’s because by filling it out, you’re unlocking free money to help pay for college, and that’s a big deal. But the FAFSA can be a bit intimidating with all those tax documents and financial questions. In this episode, Molly and Ben talk to Marissa, a student worker in ASU’s financial aid office who just might ease many of your concerns.

I work at Starbucks. Will they really cover my tuition?

If you work for Starbucks, it’s likely that you can attend ASU and earn your bachelor’s degree online — and they’ll cover your tuition. It’s a partnership brewed up by ASU and Starbucks, and thousands of employees of the coffee giant are participating. Some have already graduated. In this episode, Molly and Ben talk to Alexis, a student from Washington, who’s taking advantage of the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

This is only a test: Study tips to ace your exams

College is a lot different than high school, but in at least one way it’s the same — you’ll be taking a lot of tests. In this episode, Molly and Ben share their best test-taking tips and let you know if you should study for midterms differently than how you study for a regular exam.

How you can begin connecting with other students before you start at ASU

Did you know that ASU offers a way for you to meet new friends before you even get to campus? It’s called devil2devil, a social network for admitted ASU students. You can talk about anything with your fellow future Sun Devils like where you’ll be living and what you’ll be studying. You can even post random pictures of wildlife, if that’s your thing. (Apparently, it’s Ben’s thing.) Listen to Molly and Ben introduce you to devil2devil.

Tips for succeeding in the classroom

Should you take notes on a laptop or with a pen and paper? Should you buy the textbook? Where’s the best spot in class to sit? Can you skip a class once in a while? In this episode, Molly and Ben share all their best classroom tips so you can do your best in the classroom.

My ASU: learn it, know it, live it

If there’s one website you’ll be on practically every day of your college years, it’s My ASU. It’s basically your own personal homepage where you can see your class schedule and grades, get to-do list notifications, read student announcements, find all your financial information and tons more. Listen to Molly and Ben go over all the ins and outs of My ASU.

Why you should visit campus before you decide to become a Sun Devil

One of the best ways to find out if a college is the right fit for you is to visit campus. ASU offers tours led by current students so you can get the straight scoop on what it’s like to go here. And guess what? Ben’s one of the student tour guides. In this episode, he and Molly give you all the details on what it’s like to take an Experience ASU visit tour.

ASU Welcome: the week you truly become a Sun Devil

ASU Welcome, a huge collection of welcome events, takes place the week before school begins. You’ll meet new friends, get to know your college and learn more about being a Sun Devil. In this episode, Molly and Ben dive deep into ASU Welcome and tell you about some of the can’t-miss welcome week events.

A well-oiled machine: move-in day at ASU

Move-in day at ASU sounds like it would be chaos — a sea of students, with their possessions (and parents) in tow, looking for their dorm rooms. But it's actually a surprisingly smooth experience. Hear Molly and Ben talk about what move-in day is really like at ASU.

Why you should consider a double major (or at least picking up a minor)

Double majoring has lots of benefits. And some challenges. Listen to Molly (who's double majoring) and Ben (who's getting a minor) talk about their experiences, and learn why ASU's president insists that his children double major in college.

Hello, Molly

One chapter closes and another begins. In this episode, we meet Molly Bishop, the new co-host of Inside ASU. Listen to Emily pass the mic to Molly, and find out Emily’s best advice on how to handle Ben.

Farewell, Emily

After dozens of episodes and tons of advice to help you get prepared for becoming a Sun Devil, Emily is leaving the Inside ASU podcast — she’s graduating and moving on to bigger and better things. In this episode, she and Ben reflect on her time on the podcast and at ASU as she prepares to walk the stage and collect her diploma.

Things every freshman should know

Hindsight is 20/20. Just when you get the hang of college life, it will be time for you to graduate. Wouldn’t it be nice to know now, when you’re just starting, all those things you don’t learn in orientation? Hear Emily, who’s about to graduate, and Ben, who has a couple years of college under his belt, talk about the things they wish they knew when they were just starting at ASU.

What to do if you’re struggling in your classes

When you get to ASU, you’re going to find tons of support services and resources to help you succeed. One of them is tutoring. Make that FREE tutoring. In this episode, Emily and Ben talk with Jason Guglielmo, a student tutor who explains all you need to know about getting extra academic help.

What to do after you’re admitted to ASU

You’ll have lots to do in the time between getting accepted to ASU and starting classes. In this episode, Emily and Ben go over the list of next steps you’ll need to take in order to become an official Sun Devil.

School’s NOT out for summer: summer sessions at ASU

Summer might conjure up images of beaches and barbecues, but at ASU it’s more about books and classrooms. That’s because we offer plenty of courses during June, July and August to help you catch up or get ahead. In this episode, Emily and Ben give you all the details on summer courses at ASU.

How CAs make your residence hall a community

When you move into your residence hall, you’ll want to get to know your community assistant. CAs are students who serve to help turn your floor into a community, as well as act as a point of contact to help you with any issues you may be having. In this episode, Emily and Ben talk with Molly Bishop, a CA who explains her role and offers advice as you begin your ASU chapter.

Maroon and gold … and green? Sustainability at ASU

At ASU, we walk the sustainability walk with all sorts of eco-friendly initiatives, including Zero Waste. Listen as Emily and Ben talk with student Rett Evans about what Zero Waste is and how it’s making ASU greener.

Special parent episode: What will it be like when your child goes off to college?

Parents, this episode is for you. Your pride and joy is leaving home to go to ASU. How will you adjust? In this episode, Emily and Ben talk to Emily’s mom Diana who offers advice about how she handled the transition of Emily leaving for college. Find out how she coped and if she turned Emily’s room into a home gym.

How to deal with the first-day jitters

Let’s face it, you’re probably going to be a little nervous your first day at ASU. But you know what? So will everybody else. In this episode, Emily and Ben discuss the first-day jitters, offer tips on how to handle them and talk about what their first day at ASU was like.

What ASU does to help keep you safe

ASU is committed to providing all students with a safe campus environment. Listen to Emily and Ben talk about some of the safety resources you’ll find at ASU.

Not business as usual: Entrepreneurship at ASU (Pt. 2)

In part two of our episode on entrepreneurship at ASU, Emily and Ben talk to Nick Hool, an ASU student who founded Hoolest Performance Technologies. Nick talks about the process he and his team have been navigating — with the help of ASU — as they work to launch their product into the market.

Not business as usual: Entrepreneurship at ASU (Pt. 1)

At ASU, you really can do just about anything you want to do — such as start your own business. The university puts an emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset. In part one of a two-part episode on entrepreneurship at ASU, Emily and Ben are joined by student Pooja Addla Hari, who talks about all the entrepreneurial opportunities you can get involved in here.

What are academics like at ASU?

In the last decade or so, ASU has completely shed its party school reputation and become an academic powerhouse. Students are earning prestigious scholarships and working with professors on groundbreaking research projects. In this episode, Emily and Ben talk about academics at ASU, how they may be more challenging than you think and why that’s a good thing.

ASU’s biggest student celebration

Why is May 1 like a national holiday at ASU? Because it’s Future Sun Devil Day, a day when soon-to-be ASU students take social media by storm to announce to the world that they’re going to ASU in the fall. Listen to Emily and Ben share all the details about Future Sun Devil Day, and see if you can hear the sorrow in their voices about never having participated in FSDD.

Can you really study in another country?

When you come to ASU, you really should take advantage of the study abroad program. You can spend a couple weeks or an entire semester studying in another country, meeting its people and learning its culture. Hear Emily and Ben talk to Christian Beem, an ASU student who spent time studying in Barcelona, Spain, and find out what his experience was like.

ASU traditions all Sun Devils need to know

ASU was founded in 1885. After more than 130 years, it’s no surprise that the university is steeped in lots of rich tradition. Hear Emily and Ben talk about some of ASU’s bigger traditions, and find out who the inspiration for Sparky the Sun Devil was.

Why you should go to New Student Orientation

Because it’s mandatory, for one. (Unless you’re Emily.) But more than that, New Student Orientation is your chance to learn about all the ASU resources you’ll be using, meet other new Sun Devils, and choose and register for your classes. Listen to Emily and Ben give you all the details on what to expect there.

What’s it like being an international student at ASU?

Students come to ASU from more than 125 countries around the world. Listen to Emily and Ben talk to Sidharth Chandrasekaran, an ASU student from India, who describes what the typical international student experience is like. And find out what Sidharth thinks is the biggest challenge international students face at ASU.

The clash of ideas at ASU

You’ve heard that college is about opening your mind to new ideas and testing your own thoughts and beliefs, and that’s true. In this episode of Inside ASU, Emily and Ben discuss the clash of ideas that you’ll experience at ASU, and offer tips on talking about and debating your ideas with your friends.

How to get from here to there at ASU

Buses, bikes, shuttles, light rail. You’ll have many ways to get to ASU, around ASU and to other ASU campuses. In this episode, Emily and Ben talk about all the transportation options at ASU.

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date: Managing your time at ASU

Classes. Homework. Clubs. Friends. Meals. Laundry. Sleep. When you get to college, you won’t believe all the commitments and activities that take up your time. You might even find you’re having trouble managing it all. Hear Emily and Ben talk about how they’ve learned to manage their time at ASU, and discover Emily’s less-than-eco-friendly way of setting reminders for herself.

Why More to Explore is a must for any Future Sun Devil

If you’re considering ASU for college then More to Explore is an event you won’t want to miss. You’ll spend the day at ASU, touring the campus and facilities, learning about important topics like financial aid and living on campus, and meeting lots of other Future Sun Devils. In this episode of Inside ASU, Emily and Ben talk to Sarah Horvath, a student who attended More to Explore and credits it with helping her make her ASU decision.

What’s it like being a transfer student at ASU?

If you’re thinking about transferring to ASU to earn your bachelor’s degree, you won’t be alone. ASU is home to thousands of transfer students. Hear Emily and Ben talk to transfer student Loren Gladwill, who shares tips and advice about the transfer process.

How you can earn an ASU degree from anywhere in the world

Did you know you can earn an ASU degree without ever stepping foot on campus? Thousands of students do it through ASU Online, including Caitlin Hornik. Hear Emily and Ben talk to her about what the online experience is like, and find out how Caitlin wasn’t exactly on top of the world when she completed her degree, but was literally on the bottom.

The campus files: ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus

Built into the heart of Arizona’s capital city, ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus is a unique metropolitan campus experience. Hear Emily and Ben talk with student Laurina Woyee about why she loves the Downtown Phoenix campus, and find out why the omelet guy might be the deciding factor if you choose to study on this campus.

The campus files: ASU@Lake Havasu

Did you know ASU offers a location in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. on the California state line? This smaller (and more affordable) ASU gives students a chance to get hands-on in their coursework and enables their professors get to know them by name. Listen to Emily and Ben talk to ASU@Lake Havasu student Rhiannon Watkins about what makes life on the lake so appealing.

The campus files: ASU’s West campus

West is best! At least according to students at ASU’s West campus. Listen to Emily and Ben talk with recent ASU graduate Paige Herbert about her experience at the West campus, and find out what makes touching the Paley Gates one of the most cherished traditions on the West campus.

The campus files: ASU’s Tempe campus

The Tempe campus is the oldest and largest of ASU’s four main campuses, and is home to thousands of students — including Emily and Ben. Hear them discuss the benefits and challenges of being a student on such a large campus, and find out how long it really takes to walk from one end to the other.

The campus files: ASU’s Polytechnic campus

What can a new ASU student expect at the smaller, quiet Polytechnic campus? And what’s the deal with the bees? In this episode, Emily and Ben interview Daniel Pasco, a Polytechnic student who shares a firsthand look at life at Polytechnic.

How to stay healthy at ASU

Eating right, getting exercise and seeing the doctor when you’re sick are a lot harder when mom isn’t there to help. College is about new responsibilities including taking responsibility for your health. Listen to Emily and Ben talk about all the ways ASU can help you stay in top condition, and find out if Ben will ever make time to get a massage.

What’s it like being a student veteran at ASU?

ASU is proud of our military veterans and feel it’s our duty to serve the men and women who served us. Through efforts like the Pat Tillman Veterans Center, ASU works hard to help veterans transition to life as an ASU student and help them succeed. Hear Emily and Ben talk to ASU student and Marine Corps veteran Chris Cadeau about his experiences as a student veteran at ASU.

What to bring (and not bring) to ASU

If you’ll be living on campus at ASU, you might be wondering — what am I supposed to bring? You don’t want to bring too much, but you certainly don’t want to bring too little, either. Listen to Emily and Ben share their advice about the best things to pack. And find out Ben’s pro tip about bringing your cold-weather clothes to ASU.

It's getting hot in here

The Phoenix area has some of the best weather eight months out of the year. But it’s no secret that it can get pretty hot at the beginning of the fall semester and end of the spring semester, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. In this episode, Emily and Ben share their best tips for staying cool at ASU.

Take this job and love it: Being a student worker at ASU.

Planning to work during college? Emily and Ben are two of the 11,000+ students who work for ASU, and you can be too. Find out what their work experience at ASU has been like, and hear what they say is the best part about working for the university.

What’s it like to live on campus at ASU?

When Emily started at ASU, she was a little nervous about living on campus and having a roommate she never met before. Find out how the experience ended up being for her, and learn why Ben appreciates living on campus every time he needs a stapler.

Want to make friends at ASU? Join the club.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make new friends at ASU is by joining a student club. You’ll find more than 1,000 to choose from. Hear Emily and Ben talk about some of the more unique clubs at ASU, and how you can go about joining a club.

Grin and Barrett: How to join ASU’s elite honors college.

If you’re an academically driven student, you might want to consider applying to Barrett, The Honors College at ASU. Listen to Emily and Ben talk about it, and find out why being a Barrett student is a little like going to Hogwarts.

How to pick your ASU major.

Whether you’re mulling over a few options, or you've known what you wanted to study since you were a kid, choosing your major is a big decision. Hear how Emily struggled in the wrong major her first year, and how she’s doing since she switched. And learn why she’s far from alone in changing majors.

ASU: The entire world in one university

ASU is one of the most diverse schools in the U.S. — students come here from all over the world. But it’s not just international students; it’s students from different political stripes, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds and more that make ASU a true mirror image of the world. Hear Emily and Ben talk about their experiences with culture and diversity at ASU.

Show me the money! Using financial aid to help pay for ASU.

Did you know the vast majority of students qualify for some form of financial aid? In this episode of Inside ASU, Emily and Ben break down the different kinds of financial aid out there, and give you the real story about what it’s like to fill out the FAFSA.

What is ASU First-Year Success Coaching?

Let’s be real — college is an entirely different world from high school. You’re on your own probably for the first time, and it’s up to you to get up and get to class on time, do your laundry, and navigate all aspects of the college experience. But Emily and Ben have a secret to share: with ASU First-Year Success Coaching, you’re really not alone at all.

Phoenix — ASU's home sweet home

As the fifth-largest city in the U.S., the Phoenix area has it all — scenery, nice weather and lots going on. Hear Emily and Ben talk about all their favorite things to do in the Valley of the Sun, and find out what local delicacy Emily eats every Friday night.


Junior - Theatre major and communication major

Why did you choose to attend ASU?

Although it was my “safety school” when I began looking at colleges, ASU was actually the only institution that could give me everything I wanted: incredible leadership opportunities, theatre and communication degrees I could feasibly pursue together, unbeatable financial aid, and a mindset focused on growth, inclusion and community.

What has been your favorite experience or memory at ASU so far?

My favorite memory has got to be the MainStage production I worked on my freshman year, Men on Boats. It was a new work taken straight from Chicago and New York, and we got to work with the playwright as we brought it to life at ASU! It was so empowering to not only work with an incredible director, Tracy Liz Miller, but an ensemble of nine other women to bring the story to life. I can still remember what it felt like to walk out on stage opening night, and just feel unstoppable, terrified and so immensely proud. I think it represents the clearest moment where I realized, “Wow, I’ve really come a long way from my high school self.”

What has been the most challenging thing about ASU?

The most challenging thing about college so far for me has been discovering my identity as someone living with mental illness. There have been moments where I’ve really wondered, “Am I going to be able to do this? College? Adulthood? As someone balancing these things?” And while the answer will always be “yes,” it’s been something I’ve had to make serious lifestyle changes to navigate in a healthy way. It’s changed how I approach leadership, communication, art and my own physical health.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I don’t know what this says about my childhood, but I’ve always wanted to get a PhD, so graduate school is definitely somewhere in the near future. I also want to get out there in the world and make art that focuses around community involvement. I want to use theatre as a nontraditional platform to talk about mental health, gender equality and other big picture issues. Not “sit here and watch me tell you what to think” theatre, but theatre that looks and feels like a discussion between people on stage and in the audience.


Junior - Film major, business minor

Why did you choose to attend ASU?

I chose to attend ASU due to the constant activity around the Tempe area and the recent growth of ASU's film school.

What has been your favorite experience or memory at ASU so far?

It was either my first time realizing there was ice cream in the Barrett dining hall or rushing the field when ASU beat USC in football.

What has been the most challenging thing about ASU?

The most challenging thing about ASU for me has been learning how to not have my parents wash my clothes and still manage to find a way to get them clean somehow.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I want to work my way into the film industry as a writer and director.