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ASU offers a number of different scholarships, the largest group of which are the scholarships offered through the New American University Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program.

New American University Scholarship
ASU's New American University Scholars are highly accomplished students who match the university's quest for excellence and who would be ideal students to join ASU in meeting challenges that make a difference in the world.

First Year Merit Scholarship Estimator
Not sure if you’re eligible for a New American University Scholarship? Our First Year Merit Scholarship Estimator can tell you if you are or not. By entering just a few pieces of information such as your GPA, class rank and ACT/SAT score, you can find out if you qualify, and, if so, for how much.

Scholarship Search
Search for other scholarships with more specific criteria, and varying deadlines and application requirements.

The Scholarship Portal
View the list of scholarships you have applied for. Here you can edit and delete current applications and even apply for more scholarships.

College & Departmental Scholarships
In addition to ASU merit based scholarships, many academic departments and colleges at ASU offer scholarships. Search them all here! enables students to earn scholarships throughout high school, starting as early as 9th grade, for doing all the things that best prepare them to succeed, whether that’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community or joining an extracurricular.

Scholarship Resources
Need help putting together your scholarship application? ASU offers resources to support you.

Scholarship Renewal Guide
Maintaining your scholarship eligibility is just as important as receiving your initial scholarship award. The scholarship renewal guide outlines the important criteria and renewal process.

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