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Third-Party Sponsorships for Tuition and Billing

Third-Party Sponsorships for Tuition and Billing

As a courtesy to our students, ASU will bill approved governmental and third-party sponsors for student tuition and fees. Qualifying sponsors include approved corporations, vocational rehabilitation offices, government agencies including Military Tuition Assistance and embassies located in the United States.

Student Responsibility

To ensure timely and accurate billing to a third party, sponsored students must complete the following:

  • Financial Guarantee Letter must be submitted to the Student Accounts office.  This form is a student's formal request to bill a third party sponsor and must be submitted prior to the Financial Guarantee final deadline on the tuition and billing calendar.
  • Any amounts not covered by the third party must be paid by the applicable tuition payment deadline to avoid automatic enrollment in the ASU Payment Plan or late fees being assessed to your student account.
  • To grant your sponsor access to your student account records for grade verification and transcript information, this request must be coordinated through My ASU Parent Guest Access.
  • Students are also encouraged to review the Third-Party Sponsorship FAQs for additional information and details of third party sponsorships at ASU.

Third-Party Billing Fee

A Third-Party Billing Fee will be assessed per semester to each sponsored student and is charged to the student's account.  ASU will bill this fee to the sponsor only if indicated on the Financial Guarantee Letter.   Students are encouraged to include this fee when requesting the Financial Guarantee Letter from your sponsor. Students will be responsible for paying the Third-Party Billing fee if not paid by their sponsor.

For additional questions about third party sponsorships, please contact Sponsor Billing.