Professor of Impact Award

Recognize your professor

The Professor of Impact award is an opportunity for our students to recognize and celebrate the outstanding educators that have made a lasting impression on their academic career. By acknowledging their contributions, we foster a culture of excellence and ensure our institution remains a place where knowledge is embraced and applied for the benefit of our students and society.

Nancy Gonzales, executive vice president and university provost

Professor of impact award

Recognize your professor

The Professor of Impact Award is your chance to thank and recognize the educators in your life that made a difference.

Provost Gonzales introduced the impact award in fall 2023 and since then more than 3,500 awards have gone out to ASU faculty members with personalized notes thanking them for motivating, inspiring, mentoring and helping your peers overcome challenges.

Simply fill out the form and submit! Let a faculty member who made a difference know you’re honoring them and why, and the award will be automatically sent.

How they made a difference