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Academic Status Report Resources

Q. What is an Academic Status Report?

A. An Academic Status Report (ASR) is a method of providing early, personalized feedback regarding your progress in a class. It is not a part of your official transcript.

Q. What is included in an ASR?

A. You will see your current grade in the class. You may also see a reason for the grade and recommendation for improvement.

Q. How will I know if an ASR has been completed for me?

A. If you have received an ASR, at the end of the reporting period, an icon will appear in your My Classes box on My ASU .  Clicking on that icon will give you pop-up box with the detailed information completed by your instructor. You will also receive an email from the ASR System Administrator sent to your ASU email account.

Q. Are ASR’s only for 100- and 200-level classes?

A. No. All faculty, including faculty teaching graduate level classes, have the opportunity to give feedback to students in this way.

Q. If I get an ASR, does this mean I am also off track?

A. No. The ASR system is not directly related to the eAdvisor Critical Tracking system. However, an ASR is an indication that you may not be performing well in a class. If that class is also a critical requirement, you may be off track at the end of the semester.

Q. Can I get an ASR if I am doing well in a class?

A. Yes. Faculty can complete positive ASR’s indicating satisfactory progress. It is important that you click on the ASR icon in your My Classes box on My ASU to find out more information about why the ASR was filed.

Q. How many ASR reporting periods are there? Can I receive an ASR for a summer class?

A. There are weekly ASR reporting periods for all classes, fall, spring and summer terms. Instructors have the opportunity to provide weekly feedback. ASR reporting periods are indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Q. I received an ASR. What do I do now?

A. It is important that you do everything possible to improve your class standing; taking corrective action now should enable you to improve your performance while there is still time in the session. In addition to speaking with your instructor, your advisor can discuss your situation and provide more detailed advice and resources to improve your situation. Online students can contact their Success Coach for support with goal setting, time management, connecting with ASU resources and more. Coaches can be reached at 844-691-2240.


You are encouraged to take advantage of the many student success resources across ASU. They include:

Tutoring and Academic Support

Student Success Centers, located on all ASU campuses, offer free academic support resources for all students including:

  • Tutoring – With in-person and online options available.
  • Writing support – Need help with a writing assignment for a class? Working on your resume? They can help with all your writing needs from structuring a paper to proofreading.
  • Structured study groups – Get together with other students from your class to discuss concepts, compare notes and share strategies.

ASU Libraries, located on all ASU campuses, offer free online and in-person research support for all students including:

  • Subject Librarians – Research experts in each major are available to work with you one-on-one. Make an appointment with your subject librarian today!
  • Ask a Librarian – Get help via chat (24/7), email, phone, or by visiting one of our Information Desks in person.
  • Library Guides – Quick access to the best library resources for specific majors, subjects, and courses.

Advising Services

Student Support

Health and Wellness


View ASU’s Academic Calendar.