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Academic Status Report

An Academic Status Report (ASR) is a way for your instructor to communicate with you about how you are doing in the course. The real-time feedback from your instructor will encourage you to keep up the good work or seek support by contacting them or other ASU resources. Taking early action can help you succeed in class! You have many resources to help you get back on track.

Academic Status Reports (ASR) are a part of an early alert reporting system designed to give you helpful updates throughout the semester. Your instructor submits ASRs based on your performance in the class. An ASR can let you know if there are concerns related to your class performance, such as missing classes, missing assignments, or the quality of your work. If you are progressing well in class, you may receive a positive ASR that lets you know you are doing good work.

An ASR may include your current status or grade and may also include the reason(s) you are receiving an ASR, recommended actions (if needed), and any comments from your instructor. An ASR can inform you that you are doing well in the course or it can alert you that you need to take action to improve your class performance.

ASR notifications are visible on My ASU as a blue icon in your My Classes box next to the relevant class. When you click on the icon, you will see the details of the ASR, including your current status/grade. A notification message will also be sent to your ASU email account.

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Yes! Your instructor can submit a positive ASR to let you know that you are progressing well in the class.

Do not ignore the ASR, but do not panic either. The purpose of the ASR is to alert you about your performance so you can take action and improve in the class. The first thing is to follow any actions recommended by your instructor. For in-person classes, be sure to attend class sessions. If you have missed or did poorly on assignments or quizzes, contact your instructor or TA. If there are other reasons that are affecting your class performance, contact your academic advisor (found in My ASU in the “Academic Support Team” box). They can discuss your situation and help provide additional support and resources. Remember: Your instructor sent the ASR because they want you to succeed. Please reach out to your instructor if you have questions or need assistance.

Student support resources

ASU has many student success resources available to support your academic journey.

Academic support

Have you connected with your professors?

Meeting with your professors during their office hours is an easy way to improve your learning, grades, and even future career opportunities. If it is difficult for you to meet in person, many professors offer virtual office hours via Zoom. If you aren’t sure, email your professor and ask to meet with them. Your instructors may post an Academic Status Report in the My Classes box in My ASU, which provides feedback about your class performance during the semester.

Have questions about your degree or major?

ASU’s academic advisors can answer questions about your degree path and ensure you stay on track for graduation by making sure you enroll in the right classes. Connect with your advisor through the Academic Support Team box in My ASU.

Do you need accommodations for your classes?

Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services (SAILS) determines and facilitates student accommodations for classes. If you require accommodations (e.g., testing, note-taking, interpreting services, etc.), please register online with SAILS. If you have any questions, you can email or call 480-965-1234.

Need some help with coursework?

The Academic Support Network offers free in-person and online tutoring, writing support from structuring a paper to proofreading, and online study hubs to discuss concepts, form study groups, search videos, or ask the Tutorbot questions.

Looking for a quiet place to study?

ASU libraries are more than a place to find books. You can ask a librarian for help with research via text, web chat, or by visiting in person. You can also explore library guides, your go-to resource for specific majors, subjects, and courses.

Health and wellness

Not feeling well?

ASU Health Services offers everything from flu shots to primary care physicians to help if you start feeling unwell. In person and telehealth appointment options are available and Health Services are offered at all ASU’s campuses. Schedule an appointment or message your provider through My Health Portal.

Need to talk to someone?

ASU Counseling Services provides simple access to connect with emotional health and well-being support. All counseling services are confidential and free of charge for ASU students, including our 24/7 Open Call and Open Chat for campus students. 360 Life Services is a comprehensive support program for ASU Online students that offers 24/7 counseling and crisis intervention via chat, phone, and in person.

Student support

Do you need extra care and assistance?

Student Advocacy and Assistance in the Dean of Students office guides students in resolving educational, personal, and other difficulties by linking students with appropriate university and community resources.

Are you an international student?

ASU’s International Students and Scholars Center supports you with immigration information, sponsorship support, employment resources and opportunities to connect with fellow ASU students.

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