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Student Initiated Fee

Student Initiated Fee

ASU's student government leaders, on behalf of the students they represent, sought and received ABOR approval for the following Student Initiated Fees. Funding from these fees will be used to enrich the student experience.

Recreation Fee

The Recreation Fee supports programs and services at the Sun Devil Fitness Centers.  Funds are used to provide intramurals, student employment opportunities, a broad array of fitness classes and workshops, events and programs.  Each Fitness Complex has an advisory board that provides routine feedback on services, hours and programs.  Students interested in serving on a Sun Devil Fitness Advisory Board are encouraged to apply.

Student Service Facility Fee

The Student Service Facility Fee allows for the enhancements of existing facilities and the planning and development of new student service facilities to meet the needs of a growing student population. For a list of facilities built and supported by the fee click here.

Student Programs Fee

The Student Programs Fee provides funding for student programming initiatives.  Managed by student government at each location, this fee is used to generate value added programming that supports ASU student needs and interests.  Recipients of the programs fee funding typically include: Programming and Activities Board (PAB), Clubs and Organizations, Sports Clubs, travel funding to support research and attend conferences, and large scale student programs and activities.  

Health and Wellness Fee

The Health and Wellness Fee supports the operation of ASU Health Services.  Funding supports health education and promotion, primary care, acute emergency care services, travel medicine services, nutritional counseling and high demand specialty care.  The Health Services Advisory Board provides routine feedback to the Director of Health Services on services provided, quality and efficiency of care, new innovations, and student needs. Students interested in serving on the Health Services Advisory Board are encouraged to apply.

Student Athletic Fee

The Student Athletic Fee provides a revenue stream of funds to support the operations of Sun Devil Athletics, in exchange for a reinvestment of university funds into student identified priorities.  These priorities were established by the Athletic Fee Operations Board and include salary increases for Research and Teaching Assistants to a minimum standard, expanding transportation services to include weekends and holidays, free attendance to all ASU footbal games, free graduate test prep programs and increased university investment for need and merit-based financial aid.  Students interested in serving on the Athletic Fee Operations Board are encouraged to apply

Financial Aid Trust Fee

Included with the Student Initiated Fees is the Financial Aid Trust Fee assessed to all students as authorized by the Arizona Legislature.

Student Financial Aid Trust grants are assistance provided in partnership between ASU students and the state legislature. All students are assessed this fee to create a Financial Aid Trust Fund, from which Financial Aid Trust Grants are awarded under the usual aid eligibility criteria. Fees collected from students are matched by the State of Arizona. Priority for these limited awards is given to eligible undergraduate students who file their FAFSA by the priority filing date of January 1 and who are Arizona residents or underrepresented students with high financial need.


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