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ASU Payment Plan

ASU Payment Plan

The ASU Payment Plan provides students with the option to budget the payment of certain eligible university charges over several months within the semester. Eligible charges include tuition, housing, meal plan, parking permits and health insurance. The chart below outlines specific ASU Payment Plan due dates and enrollment fee amounts.

Resident & NonResident
ASU Payment Plan Due Dates
ASU Payment Plan Enrollment Fee

August 25

September 25

October 25

$100 Resident Students
$200 Nonresident Students

January 25

February 25

March 25

$100 Resident Students
$200 Nonresident Students

May 25

June 25

July 25

$50 Resident Students
$100 Nonresident Students

*The summer sessions enrollment fee is $50 for resident students or $100 for nonresident students for each summer session
registered in up to a maximum of two sessions.

My ASU Enrollment

All students are eligible to enroll in the ASU Payment Plan by logging in to My ASU and selecting Finances at the top of the page and clicking on ASU Payment Plan in the Financial Success  section on the right side.


Automatic Enrollment

Students with an outstanding balance of $500 or more of unpaid eligible charges by the designated payment deadline will be automatically enrolled in the ASU Payment Plan. Students automatically enrolled will be responsible for the ASU Payment Plan fee billed to their student account. ASU does not withdraw students from classes during the current semester for nonpayment and students must withdraw before the semester or session starts if they decide to not attend. For further questions regarding automatic enrollment in the ASU Payment Plan or for assistance enrolling, you may contact us or visit the Student Accounts Office located in the Student Services building.

Financial Aid (Scholarships, Grants, Loans)

Students with financial aid are encouraged to carefully review their financial aid award amounts prior to enrolling in the ASU Payment Plan. Enrollment in the Payment Plan may not be necessary if the financial aid award package is sufficient to cover all eligible charges. However, if the amount a student is awarded in financial aid does not cover all eligible charges and an unpaid balance remains by the designated deadline, the student will automatically be enrolled in the ASU Payment Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the designated payment deadline to avoid enrollment in the ASU Payment Plan?
The designated payment deadline is the deadline initially provided when charges are placed on a student's account. Students are encouraged to review the details of their student account, including the designated payment deadline for eligible charges, by logging into My ASU and selecting Finances at the top of the page.  Students can also review the Tuition and Billing Calendar for important due dates.

Must I re-enroll in the ASU Payment Plan each semester?
Yes. Because ASU realizes student's financial circumstances may vary from semester to semester, students have the option to enroll each semester.  

Are the ASU Payment Plan due dates and enrollment fees different for B Session because classes start later in the semester?
No. Students enrolled in session B prior to the start of the semester will have the same initial designated payment deadline for tuition charges as students enrolled in both sessions A and C. Students enrolled in session B who have an unpaid balance of $500 by the designated payment deadline will be automatically enrolled in the ASU Payment Plan.

Is there any benefit to voluntarily enrolling in the ASU Payment Plan vs. being automatically enrolled?
No. Students are assessed the same enrollment fee if they are voluntarily or automatically enrolled in the ASU Payment Plan. Student Business Services suggests students closely review their financial aid package before voluntarily enrolling to ensure ASU Payment Plan arrangements are necessary.

If a student enrolls in the ASU Payment Plan before the semester begins and ends up not having a $500 balance, is the student still enrolled in the plan?
Yes. If a student voluntarily enrolls and eligible charges are paid prior to the initial designated payment deadline, the student will still be assessed the non-refundable enrollment plan fee. 

What happens if a student's outstanding eligible charges are under $500?
Students with a balance under $500 will NOT be automatically enrolled in the ASU Payment Plan. However, these charges are subject to a late fee. Please review the ASU Late Charge Policy for further clarificaton.

Is the ASU Payment Plan enrollment fee refundable if additional financial aid becomes available after the designated payment deadline and pays the balance of all eligible charges?
No. The ASU Payment Plan fee is non-refundable even if a student's financial circumstances change after enrollment into the plan. To avoid paying the ASU Payment Plan fee, we strongly recommend working with a financial aid counselor in advance to ensure all aid is reviewed and accepted prior to the designated payment deadline. For questions regarding financial aid awards, please contact 480-965-3355 or visit Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

Can students still purchase and pay for parking permits through MyParking Online Services? 

Yes.  Students will still have the option of purchasing permits through MyParking Online Services. However, beginning in Fall 2014 students will have the option of having their parking permit charges billed to their student account. By utilizing this option, students can use their financial aid awards to pay parking permit charges. Only parking permits can be billed to a student’s account.  Parking citations and other fees are not eligible.


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