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Online Billing

Online Billing

Arizona State University provides access to your account 24 hours per day, seven days a week from anywhere around the world. ASU encourages you to log in frequently in order to ensure that charges do not become past due, which can lead to suspension of university services and monthly late fee assessment until the past due balance is paid in full.

To manage your account, login to My ASU and select the Finances link on the upper left side.  

Manage Your Account

Select View History for the following detailed account information:

Tuition Receipt
Printer friendly tuition receipt is available, includes ASU Logo, time/date and charge details.

Charge History
Includes all charges billed to your student account by date. 

Payments and financial aid posted to your student account.

List of all refunds issued to you.

Pending Financial Aid
Accepted financial aid not yet disbursed to your student account.

Making Payments

Select Pay Bill for online payment services through QuikPAY.

Payment Profile
Establish payment profiles to make future payments without re-entering credit card and eCheck information. Add, maintain, and delete payment profiles by selecting Payment Profiles from the menu.

Authorize Payers
Authorize others to view your ASU student account information and make payments on your behalf through QuikPAY. To grant access to parents, spouses, and other authorized payers all you need is the payer's email address.

User Preferences
Update your preferred QuikPAY email address and preferred QuikPAY notification options.

View Accounts / Account Status
Review your student account balance and recent account activity, including payments, financial aid, and refunds. Review charges due in the future and anticipated financial aid.

View Accounts / Current Statement
View and print a PDF version of your most recent billing statement.  Billing statements are not mailed.

View Accounts / Statement History
View prior month billing statements.

Make Payment
Pay tuition and other student account charges using ASU's preferred payment method eChecks with no service fee using your U.S. checking or savings account information, or make a Credit/Debit card payment with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express through our third-party processor who assess a 2.4% service fee for processing the payment.

Transaction History
View and print receipts for payments you made through QuikPAY.

Online Billing

Billing statements are available online and are not mailed.  Email notifications are sent as a courtesy to ASU email addresses when a new billing statement is ready. To be considered for an exemption from electronic billing, please fill out an Electronic Billing Exemption Appeal form and submit the form to:

ASU Student Accounts
PO Box 870303
Tempe, AZ 85287-0303

Exemptions to online billing are subject to approval.

If you do not have an ASURite User ID and password, please contact the Computer Accounts Office at 480-965-1211 for assistance with login information.

Students and employees can view their student account activity online at any time, including charges, payments, financial aid, and refunds. Billing statements are generated monthly and email notification is sent as a courtesy to your ASU email address when a new statement is ready. Billing statements are generated monthly for students and employees with current or past due unpaid charges. Billing statements are also generated for students and employees with $0 balance accounts if charges or refunds were posted, reversed, or paid during the previous month. 

Student Access

View billing statements and account information online through QuikPay. Billing statements are not mailed.

  1. Login to My ASU.
  2. Select the "Finances" link in the upper left side.
  3. Select "Pay Bill"
  4. In the left window pane click View Accounts, then the Statement History link.
  5. Click the Detail link for the statement you wish to view, then the PDF icon to view the actual statement.
In QuikPAY, payment can be made up to the amount owed on the account.