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Consortium Agreement for Pell Grant and Federal Loans

Consortium agreements enable ASU degree-seeking students to participate in financial aid programs while concurrently attending ASU and another accredited higher education institution. ASU reserves the right to not enter into a consortium agreement if, in the opinion of ASU's Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, that consortium agreement would be administratively prohibitive. Consortium agreements assist in receiving additional financial aid, not for the deferment of loans.

You must enroll in at least half-time credits (6 credits undergraduate; 5 credits graduate) at ASU for the semester in question.  Students in the ASU Nursing CEP (Concurrent Enrollment Program) with Arizona community colleges, University of Mary, and Mayo Clinic students require enrollment in at least one ASU class.  ASU Law students do not require enrollment in any ASU credits but must have the class placeholder on their schedule.


Institutional Award Proration Information

Please note: If you are receiving any of the types of awards below, they will be prorated based on your ASU enrollment status only* (consortium credits do not count). Please review the entire census policy for details on how awards are prorated based on your enrollment.

Award # of ASU Credits = % of Award Received
Undergraduate & Post-baccalaureate Graduate
* ASU School of Social Work Tucson Component students will receive full aid consideration.
Consortium hours for Graduate students will only apply to TEACH grants and FA program grants at the same percentage as undergraduates.
Obama Scholar Funds,
College Attainment Grant,
Transfer Achievement Award
12+ = 100% N/A
1–11 = 0%

Federal TEACH Grant

12+ = 100% 9+ = 100%
9–11 = 75% 7–8 = 75%
6–8 = 50% 5–6 = 50%
1–5 = 25% 1–4 = 25%

Financial Aid Trust Grant
University Grant

12+ = 100% 9+ = 100%
9–11 = 75% 7–8 = 75%
6–8 = 50% 5–6 = 50%
1–5 = 0% 1–4 = 0%
Scholarships See individual donor and/or university criteria for your scholarship(s).



  1. Please follow the instructions provided on the form.
  2. Return the form to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.
Download Forms: 
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Having Issues Downloading A Form?

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  • Choose the location to save the form.
  • Navigate to the location of the saved form on your computer and double-click it to open.