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Getting Started

Making sense of financial aid is easy once you understand it. Let’s start building your knowledge.

Cost of Education
Use our tools to estimate what college will cost you and see how other ASU students paid for school.

Paying for College
Tuition, books, room and board. Paying for college can seem overwhelming. But it’s really not as tricky, or expensive, as you think.

Your Aid & Your Bill
Financial aid can be very helpful. But do you ever actually see the money? And how do you go about paying your bills with it?

Financial Aid Calendar
Meeting deadlines is key to making sure you are awarded all the financial aid you qualify for. Keep on top of all of them with the financial aid calendar.

Student Stories
Think navigating the financial aid seas is difficult? Check out how other ASU students did it.

Contact Us
Still have questions? No problem. You can call us, email us or live chat with us anytime.