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Cost of education

Cost of education

The cost of a college education varies from student to student. Differences such as your major, living arrangements, residency status and other variables mean the cost of your college education might not be identical to your classmates. Use our tools to estimate what college will cost you and see how other ASU students paid for school.


Net Price Calculator

To evaluate what you'll truly need to pay, look at net cost, not just tuition. Our Net Price Calculator offers the best estimate for prospective students and their families by showing cost of attendance along with any need- and merit-based aid you may be eligible for.

Standard Cost of Attendance

Both residents and nonresidents can get detailed, approximate total cost information to attend ASU, including tuition and fees, housing and personal expenses. Estimated costs are listed by student type.

Cost Calculator (Tuition Estimator)

Use our Cost Calculator if you're curious about tuition and mandatory fees. Plug in just a few answers like where you're from and the program you're interested in to get an idea of what to expect.

Student Budget Worksheet

Our Student Budget Worksheet helps you create an annual budget based on your ASU costs and your financial aid awards. You’ll get a clear idea of your total costs, how your financial aid helps cover these costs and any remaining balance due to ASU after your aid is applied.

Student Stories

College is usually more affordable than most people think and there are all sorts of ways to help pay for it. Just look at how some of these ASU students funded their education.