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How your tuition dollars pay off:

What you put into your university pays off for you and dramatically impacts the ASU educational experience. The university uses the resources provided through your tuition investment to sustain cutting-edge academic programs, fund improvements of classrooms and labs, provide financial assistance, employ great faculty and staff, offer student research opportunities and support university operations that benefit you each time you step on campus.

ASU remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring students succeed in college, get their degrees and are prepared for their future. More than ever, it is important to ensure students are progressing through their studies and making the most of every tuition dollar. We have made significant progress in improving graduation rates and minimizing time to degree by introducing eAdvisor, transfer agreements to prevent the loss of credit and expanding online programs.

ASU uses an academic calendar that provides you with greater flexibility choosing and scheduling courses that align with your needs. It gives you more options for accelerating your studies and your progress to a degree. With planning and your hard work, you can complete your work in less than four years and save on tuition.

Through your tuition investment, ASU is committed to providing the following to our:

  • Undergraduate Students
    • Continue financial aid programs to ensure that a lack of family resources will not prevent enrollment or continued attendance for any qualified student in any case.
    • Continue a cutting-edge range of program options.
    • Continue to provide guaranteed seats in all required courses in the sequence needed to ensure that all students so motivated can complete their undergraduate degree work in four years or less.
    • Continue an enhanced advising infrastructure.
    • Continue opportunities for exposure and involvement in research activities in a student's field of study.
    • Continue guaranteed admission to master's programs at ASU for any Arizona resident who meets specific requirements (excluding professional master's degrees). Since admission to a specific master's degree program is dependent on various factors, a student may be offered admission to related master's programs.
    • Continue career counseling, internships and placement services.
  • Graduate Students
    • Continue to provide improved training programs for teaching assistants.
    • Continue to provide travel funding.
    • Continue to provide increased levels of financial aid.