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How tuition is established

Tuition is an investment in you

The tuition you pay for your college education is the best investment you can make. A college education lasts a lifetime. Data and history tell us that a college graduate will earn 66 percent more than a high school graduate over their careers, enjoy greater job satisfaction and even better health. It’s more than financial gain. You will leave ASU, not just with the box checked next to “college degree,” but the skills to continue learning for the rest of your life, to widen your gaze and expand your mind to the world, to challenge you to think in new and innovative ways, and to provide you with the knowledge and capacity to make a positive impact in your community and in an increasingly connected globe.

Your college experience is made possible by the investments of many people who care about your future. Tuition and fees cover only part of the costs associated with fulfilling the educational aspirations of more than 80,000 ASU students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. It also covers only a fraction of the costs of facilities to support teaching and research, and the operating expenses associated with libraries, student services and athletic facilities. The citizens of Arizona, through their tax dollars, currently invest in your education. Private investors also contribute to provide you with the best educational experience money can buy.

How tuition is determined

The level of tuition is determined by the cost of delivering a quality education in a highly-efficient and effective fashion. It allows higher education to be affordable and reasonable for students and parents and, at the same time, provides the resources necessary to ensure a quality undergraduate experience. The level of tuition long has depended on the state investing in higher education.

But as you know, the state has dramatically reduced its investment in higher education for the coming academic year. In response, ASU is cutting operations by $34 million while continuing to invest in student and faculty priorities.  

These adjustments are being made in such a way as to minimize the impact that the decrease in state investment will have on the student experience while we continue to invest in areas that students and faculty members have indicated are their primary areas of interest. 

Those cuts, though, won’t cover the $53 million drop in state investment. That’s a 15 percent reduction in the amount of support for each in-state student.

In order to support the educational experience our students have come to expect, the decrease in state investment requires that we ask them and their families to contribute more to the cost of their education. There will be increases in tuition for out of state and international students, and there will be a temporary surcharge for students from Arizona.

ASU is already one of the most efficient universities in the country, and ASU tuition is still among the lowest of its peers. Part of our mission is to make a quality education available to every qualified student. The adjustments we are making will allow us to sustain the high-quality academic experience at the university and preserve the value of an ASU degree.

We will stay focused on our mission and committed to building a world-class knowledge enterprise.