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How much is ASU tuition

2017-2018 tuition and fees

  Tempe Downtown
West Polytechnic Lake
Base Tuition &
$10,522 $10,522 $10,522 $10,522 $6,634
$270 $270 $270 $270 $270
Total Costs
$10,792 $10,792 $10,792 $10,792 $6,526

* Tuition values are based on full-time enrollment (which is 12 credits for undergraduates). See the Tuition & Fees Estimator for program fees and amounts different from 12 credits.
Freshman and sophomore students in the Polytechnic School and New College receive 10% discount on tuition.


More information about paying for college

Cost Calculators

Net Price Calculator
For: Prospective undergraduate
What it does: Estimate costs (tuition,
books, fees, and personal expenses)
and need- and merit-based aid you may
be eligible for.

Tuition Estimator
For: Prospective and current students
What it does: Calculate tuition and
mandatory fees based on where you’re
from and the program you select.

Scholarship Estimators

Scholarship Estimator
For: Prospective freshmen
What it does: Determine if you might
be eligible for an ASU merit (academic-
based) scholarship.

Scholarship Search
For: Prospective and current students
What it does: Search for scholarships
that have not expired.

ASU's Scholarship Portal
For: Admitted and current students
What it does: Sign in and manage your
applications, recommendation requests
and bookmarked scholarships.

Loan Resources

Loan Calculators
For: Anyone interested in pursuing a loan
What it does: Calculate interest rates,
repayment timelines and options.

Federal Student Loan
For: Students
What it does: Overview of the types of
Federal Student Loans available.

Federal Parent Loan
For: Parents of undergraduate students
What it does: Overview of the Parent
PLUS Loan and the process to apply.