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Your Tuition

A college education provides the foundation for unparalleled career choices and a higher quality of life. Data and history tell us that a college graduate will earn 66 percent more than a high school graduate over their careers, enjoy greater job satisfaction and even better health. It’s more than financial gain. You will leave ASU, not just with the box checked next to “college degree,” but the skills to continue learning for the rest of your life, to widen your gaze and expand your mind to the world, to challenge you to think in new and innovative ways, and to provide you with the knowledge and capacity to make a positive impact in your community and in an increasingly connected globe.

Use this site to explore 2018-2019 tuition, how tuition is established, and what your tuition dollars fund.

Read the entire ASU 2018-19 tuition proposal and President Crow's statement on ABOR's passage of the proposal.