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On April 11, 2019, the Arizona Board of Regents voted to approve ASU’s 2019-2020 tuition proposal.

Read President Crow’s statement regarding ASU’s 2019–2020 approved tuition.

To understand how this new structure may impact you, we recommend that you visit ASU’s Tuition Estimator to view costs related to your program of study.

ASU 2019-2020 Tuition Proposal

Attending and graduating from a world-class university like Arizona State University is about more than training for a specific job or industry. It’s about learning how to learn.

As the world gets more and more complicated, being a skilled learner gets more and more important. At ASU, we do everything we can to make access to learning available to every qualified student.

To that end, we have a few announcements that we believe will make attending and paying for college easier while maintaining our commitment to make it affordable.

ASU President Michael M. Crow has extended his promise that Arizona resident students’ tuition will not go up by more than 3 percent per year. The extension lasts another 10 years.

Seven years ago, President Crow made a commitment that Arizona resident students’ tuition would not go up more than 3 percent per year. Today, we enter our eighth year of that commitment and are pleased to announce that we are extending that commitment for another 10 years. This commitment allows students and families to plan for the future, knowing that tuition increases will be capped each year.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, ASU’s average increase for resident students is 2.8 percent.

We are also implementing a new fee structure that aims to simplify the more than 6,000 individual course and program fees for undergraduate students.

Students and families have told the university that the complicated array of fees could use some streamlining. We agree.

Starting in the fall of 2019, all existing course and program fees will be rolled into four categories based on a students’ program of study and residency – Arizona resident, nonresident, international.

This will make your bill simpler.

Because of these structural changes, some Arizona undergraduate students will have a tuition and fee increase of slightly less than 2.8 percent, and some will have an increase of slightly greater than 2.8 percent.

We also anticipate there will be some Arizona undergraduates who see a tuition and fee increase that is greater than the 3 percent commitment made by President Crow. For currently enrolled students, ASU will automatically provide financial aid to cover the cost of the increase over 3 percent.

Graduate students will see no change in their program fee structure. They will remain in a system of individual fees for programs based on what they are studying. We will, however, be streamlining the mandatory fees that all students are required to pay.

Online students will see no change in their fee structure.

As a result, no Arizona resident student – undergraduate or graduate – will see an increase of more than 3 percent over the previous year’s cost.

ASU: Best value in the state

ASU is recognized globally as a top-ranked university focused on solutions to society’s greatest challenges, advancing a better life for all.

Recognized for “stellar academics, affordable cost and strong career prospects for graduates,” ASU is Arizona's only school on the 2018 Princeton Review list of “Colleges That Pay You Back.” ASU's focus on innovation and efforts to “personalize every student’s experience,” along with “endless opportunities for success," are among student reviews listed in the annual survey.

ASU’s tuition guarantee is intentionally different from other models which lock in your tuition rate for four years.

The results of ASU’s action are seen very clearly in this chart, which shows the price for an Arizona student at each of the three state universities, and how that price is trending based on the three tuition guarantees.

tuition adjustments

We took an approach that we think will serve students and families well, one that has kept ASU’s tuition and fees the lowest in the state, which will save you money over the multiple years required to earn a degree.

We understand that you will have questions about how this impacts you. Following is a link to an FAQ document. You can also visit our tuition estimator calculator. You can also e-mail questions to:

You can also explore what your tuition dollars fund.

Read the entire ASU 2019-2020 tuition proposal.

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