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Veteran’s Affairs Funds

Financial Aid Refund Policy for Students using Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 VA Benefits

Students electing to use VA educational benefits at ASU under Veteran Readiness and Employment (Chapter 31) or the Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33) must first establish their benefits eligibility, then verify their intent each semester.  In accordance with 38 U.S.C 3679 (e), students who successfully establish their eligibility and elect to use benefits in any given semester are automatically given a tuition deferment that will prevent any late fees or penalties from being incurred during that semester. The deferred tuition due dates are as follows:

·       Fall Semesters – December 25

·       Spring Semesters – May 25

·       Summer Semesters – September 25

Additionally, Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 students who have accepted financial aid may elect to receive a credit for the anticipated amount of their VA benefit towards tuition. This credit will allow any excess financial aid to disburse in advance of the VA’s actual payment to the school. Students should understand that ASU’s “anticipated VA payment” is an estimate, and that settling their student account balances can only take place once all VA payments for the semester are received. It will be the student’s responsibility to return any money that had been refunded in excess. For more information on the steps required, please contact the Pat Tillman Veterans Center at 480-965-7723 or For questions about your individual student account, please contact Student Business Services at 855-278-5080 or

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