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Tuition Appeals

Tuition Appeals

Tuition Appeals are for students requesting reimbursement consideration of their tuition charges due to extenuating circumstances that prevented him/her from adhering to the posted drop or withdrawal deadlines in a given term.


  • Appeals will only be considered for the first semester of attendance at ASU.  No other semester(s) of attendance will be considered.
  • Students can only be granted an appeal once during their entire academic career at Arizona State University.
  • Appeals must be filed no later than one year from the last day of the term the course(s) registration was completed.

Students who were Financial Aid recipients for the term identified should be aware that submission of a Tuition Appeal could impact their Financial Aid and result in money owed.  Therefore, it is strongly suggested you meet with a Financial Aid Representative before you file a Tuition Appeal. Retroactively cancelling courses may result in being billed for financial aid that was disbursed based on original enrollment.

Incomplete appeals will automatically be denied.  Be sure to review all requirements and attach all supporting documents when submitting your appeal.  Appeals may take two to four weeks to be reviewed and processed, depending on the nature of the appeal.

Circumstances that Support an Appeal

  • Enrollment/attendance at another college/university while never attending class at Arizona State University.  Appeal must include verification of enrollment/attendance at the other institution.
  • Unforeseen job changes that create conflicts with class times.  Appeal must include verification from the employer.

Reasons Appeals are not Considered

  • Class assignments not met (see Department Chair)*
  • Issues between the student and the instructor (see Department Chair)*
  • Lack of familiarity with the registration system
  • Not being aware of the add/drop deadlines for the class
  • Didn’t like the course for which you registered
  • Deciding that school/work/life responsibilities are too overwhelming
  • Voluntary employment change

If your circumstance is due to an issue with the instructor, curriculum or class instruction methods, please visit with your instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean regarding your circumstance before attempting this process. Grade assignments and other academic issues are not within the scope of these procedures.


Download the Tuition Appeal form, complete the form, attach all required documentation and submit to any University Registrar Services’ office.