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Third-Party Sponsorships for Tuition and Billing

As a courtesy to our students, ASU will bill approved governmental and third-party sponsors for student tuition and fees. Qualifying sponsors include approved corporations, vocational rehabilitation offices, government agencies and embassies located in the United States. If payment is not received from the sponsoring agency by the due date of the invoice, ASU will charge the outstanding tuition and fees to the student's account and payment will be due immediately.

  • To arrange for ASU to bill your sponsor, a Financial Guarantee Letter and an ASU Third-Party Sponsorships - Consent for Access to Educational Records form must be submitted to the Student Accounts office.
  • To avoid automatic enrollment in the ASU Payment Plan or late fees, students must submit all required documentation prior to the applicable tuition payment deadline.
  • ASU will accept sponsorship documentation until the Third-Party Sponsor Financial Guarantee Letter final deadline as indicated on the Billing and Tuition calendar.
  • Please see the Third-Party Sponsorship FAQs for additional information regarding sponsorships.

Third-Party Billing Fee

A $75.00 per semester Third-Party Billing Fee will be assessed to each sponsored student and is charged to the student's account.

ASU will bill this fee to the sponsor only if indicated on the Financial Guarantee Letter, so please remember to include this fee when requesting the Financial Guarantee Letter from your sponsor. Students will be responsible for paying the Third-Party Billing fee if not paid by their sponsor.

Student Records Access Request

Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the Student Accounts Office may not release personally identifiable information regarding enrollment without written consent from the student.

The ASU Third-Party Sponsorships - Consent for Access to Educational Records form must be completed by the student before ASU will bill the student's third-party sponsoring agency.  This consent form will allow the Student Accounts office to provide limited information to your sponsoring agency, including specific course descriptions and semester hours for which you are enrolled. This consent form does not authorize the release of grade reports or transcripts.

Additional access to your student records (grade verification reports, transcripts, etc.) must be arranged through the University Registrar, Records Information Office. Please review the FERPA FAQs or contact the University Registrar, Records Information Office at 480-965-3124 for more information.