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Frequently Asked Questions - Sponsored Students

To arrange for ASU to bill your approved governmental/third-party sponsor, please submit a Financial Guarantee Letter to the Student Accounts Office by the deadline on the Tuition and Billing Calendar.  ASU will only bill the Third Party Billing fee to the Sponsor if indicated on the Financial Guarantee Letter.

Within 5 business days of receipt of the Financial Guarantee Letter, ASU will place a "Third-Party Sponsor Credit" on your student account for the amount indicated on your Financial Guarantee Letter.  The "Third-Party Sponsor Credit" on your student account indicates that we have received your sponsorship documentation and that we will be issuing an invoice to your sponsoring agency during the semester.  It does not indicate that payment has been received from your sponsoring agency.

If the third-party sponsoring agency remits full payment as indicated on the ASU invoice, no further action is required from the student.  If full payment is not received from the sponsor, or if further information is needed, ASU will contact the student via their ASU e-mail.

The Third-Party Billing Fee is a non-refundable per semester administrative fee to cover the costs associated with processing the sponsorship paperwork, preparing invoices and billing the third-party agency on behalf of the student. ASU will bill this fee to the sponsor agency only if indicated on the Financial Guarantee Letter.  Please remember to include this fee when requesting the Financial Guarantee Letter from your Sponsor.  Students will be responsible for paying the Third-Party Billing Fee if not paid by their Sponsor.

Visit the Tuition and Billing Calendar for Third Party Sponsor Document submission deadlines  to avoid automatic enrollment in the ASU Payment Plan and/or Late Fees.

Submit Financial Guarantee Letter(s) to ASU Student Accounts:

Preferred Method:

Other Methods to Submit:

  • Fax: 480.965.9242
  • In Person: Student Accounts office (Tempe, West, Downtown or Polytechnic Locations)
  • By Mail:
    Arizona State University
    Student Accounts Office
    PO Box 870303
    Tempe, AZ 85287-0303
    Attn:  Third-Party Sponsor Billing

If payment is not received from the sponsoring agency, ASU will notify you (via your ASU e-mail) that payment has not been received from your Sponsor and ask that you contact your sponsoring agency to arrange payment immediately.

If payment is not received within two weeks from the due date of the invoice, any unpaid charges will be placed back on your student account, and payment will be due immediately.

Students with accounts that become delinquent are subject to monthly late fees and will be blocked from University services, including registration, transcripts, and diplomas. Please see Delinquent Accounts and Late Charges for more information.

Note: Students may receive periodic e-mails to their primary ASU e-mail address regarding the status of their account and instructions on how to resolve any specific issues related to their third-party sponsorship.  It is the responsibility of the student to monitor their ASU e-mail account and to respond to official ASU e-mails as indicated.

ASU will apply a "Third-Party Sponsor Credit" to your account within 5 business days of receiving the approved Financial Guarantee Letter(s).

To verify that your Financial Guarantee Letter has been received and applied, please monitor your student account through My ASU and select the Finances Link at the top of the page.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure ASU receives Third Party Sponsor Documents by the due date as indicated on the Tuition and Billing Calendar.

If you do not see a "Third-Party Sponsored Credit" applied to the corresponding semester charges on your student account within 5 business days of submitting your Third Party Sponsor Documents, please contact ASU via email at

To cancel your Financial Guarantee Letter, please notify ASU Student Accounts at  Upon cancellation, the "Third-Party Sponsor Credit" will be removed from your student account, and all unpaid charges will be due immediately.

All military students wishing to use benefits should first contact ASU Veterans Services to become familiar with the policies and procedures in using military benefits. Veteran Services works closely with Student Business Services to ensure military tuition benefits are applied to students accounts quickly and accurately.

Students using TA Benefits can submit their TA forms by using any of the following methods:

Preferred Method:

Other Methods to Submit:

Arizona State University Student Accounts Office
Attn: Third-Party Sponsor Billing
PO Box 870303
Tempe, AZ 85287-0303

Yes, students can you both benefits simultaneously. Veteran Services always encourages students with both benefits to consult with the VA Campus Counselor to ensure they are maximizing their military benefits.
Any Tuition Assistance received will be applied to a student's account first and Post 9/11 GI Benefits will be applied after. For example, if student with 80% eligibility has tuition and fees totaling $5,500 and receives $1,500 in Tuition Assistance, the Chapter 33 benefit will then pay 80% of the remaining $4,000 balance ($3,200) leaving a balance to be paid by the student of $800.
Students who may be considering reducing their credit hours are advised to consult with Student Business Services to ensure they fully understand the financial implications of the reduction. Per Federal Regulations, the TA program must follow the same guidelines as Department of Education Title IV funding and therefore based on the student’s last day of attendance, TA eligibility and funding may be affected by a reduction in credit hours. Unearned TA funding up to 65% for the period enrolled may reduce the student’s military benefit. If reduction in hours is due to a military service obligation, submitting a military activation form may be the course of action to take. It can be found at .