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Jose's Story


Major: Film (Filmmaking Practices)
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

Why did you choose ASU?
"I chose ASU because it offered me the opportunity to explore filmmaking close to home. ASU was also able to offer me a fantastic scholarship that prevented me from being able to say no to school."

What is your life's dream?
"The film industry is a difficult field to get in to, but that is my ultimate goal. ASU offers classes that have helped improve my screenwriting, which hopefully pays off in the best of ways for my future."

What is the most important financial aid advice you have for new families?
"Fill out the FAFSA! Even if you're "100% sure" you will not be awarded anything. It is better to know for certain than to assume you are not eligible for any federal aid. I had the same thought going in to school and if I had not completed the FAFSA I would not be here today."