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Pursue your own purpose and be a catalyst for change

Pursue your own purpose and be a catalyst for change

The challenges of today will not be solved by a single sector — nonprofit, public, private or military. Solutions will rise from leaders with the passion to serve and the tools to affect change through collaboration.

The Public Service Academy is a forward-thinking model that develops the leaders we need for the complex challenges we face.

As an institution committed to discovering and delivering solutions to any challenge, ASU is the ideal university for the Public Service Academy to take root and flourish.

The four-year undergraduate model supplements every major with the following programming.

quality degrees


Six highly applied, community-embedded courses focusing on cross-sector collaboration, social entrepreneurship, and leadership and change.



Each semester, students engage with local and global community issues through panels, direct service projects, retreats and other field experiences.



Every student completes three internships in the nonprofit, public and private sectors, broadening their networks and understanding of how each sector plays a role in social change.

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