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Help create a culture of innovation in the health care field

Help create a culture of innovation in the health care field

The Pre-health program is geared toward high-achieving students interested in pursuing health care as their long-term goal. You’ll be provided with research experiences, clinical opportunities and chances to be of service to your community, all important experiences in the eyes of medical schools. The program will also give you access to invitation-only programs at ASU, including private meetings with representatives from top medical schools around the country.

ASU regularly sends students to top-ranked medical schools across the country. For fall 2015, ASU graduates have been accepted into such medical schools as Mayo, Stanford, Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern, Baylor and dozens of others. We are here to help you achieve this goal of attending the medical school of your dreams.

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Collaborate with the Mayo Clinic or shadow doctors and scrub in on surgeries in the Barrett-Mayo Clinic Pre-med Scholars program.

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Gain first-hand experience completing weekly rotations in the emergency room at Banner Good Samaritan or Scottsdale Healthcare.


Internship opportunities offer clinical experience throughout the semester while you prepare to apply to professional school.

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