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Residency Information

The following information should be reviewed in its entirety prior to submitting a request for reclassification. Your request and all correspondence with the residency office starts with the presumption that you have read this information and, when appropriate, asked for clarification or additional information.   

Requests for reclassification cannot be submitted after posted deadlines for each semester.   Per ABOR guidelines, failure to submit a request for reclassification by the deadline constitutes a waiver of your right to petition for that term. 
You are responsible for supporting your request with appropriate documentation.  When you submit a reclassification request, a task will be posted to your MyASU page that informs you of what items are required from you.  Once we have everything we need, this task will be removed.
The university considers all information relevant to your request.  We will verify the authenticity of all documentation provided and may seek additional information.  Incomplete or missing documentation suggests a lack of evidence; for any item that is not provided, please provide written explanation. 
All evidence is evaluated under the presumption that a non-resident student’s presence in Arizona is primarily for the purpose of education and not to establish domicile.  Barring clear evidence to the contrary, per ABOR policy, students do not establish domicile in Arizona while enrolled as a full-time student at any educational institution.
Applications and accompanying documentation will be retained by Arizona State University in accordance with university approved requirements.  All information will be kept confidential as required by law and university policies.
All correspondence shall be sent to the contact information on file with the University.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact information on your MyASU page is current.
Misrepresentation or falsification of information may be costly.   Students who have omitted, falsified or misrepresented any information in effort to obtain resident status will be referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities for disciplinary action and may be denied the opportunity to request reclassification for current and future terms. 

Requests are reviewed by term in the order in which they are received.  Processing times vary and are largely dependent on when a request and all required documentation is submitted.  In general, requests are evaluated within 4-6 weeks of submission, but will take significantly longer if the request is submitted after August 1 (for fall) or January 1 (for spring).  Students needing a decision prior to the first day of classes should submit their request by the priority deadline.

There are no exceptions granted due to unusual circumstances or financial hardship.  ABOR policy defines the circumstances under which a student can be classified as a resident for tuition purposes and the Residency Office does not have the authority to make exceptions.  

Your request and documentation will be evaluated by a residency specialist.  Submitting everything requested offers no guarantee of approval.  We will weigh all evidence submitted and decisions will be rendered in compliance with ABOR policy.  If denied, you will be provided with a summary of how this decision was made. 

You can check the status of your request by returning to the Residency Web Application.  The status of your request will be one of the following:

  • Submitted: Your request has been submitted and received by the residency office.
  • In Queue: Documents supporting your request have been received, but have not yet been reviewed by an evaluator.
  • Documentation Needed: Your request has been reviewed by the residency office but you have not yet submitted all required documentation.
  • Contact Residency: Your request is under review and we need to speak with you.  Please contact the residency office at 480-965-7712.
  • Pending: New documents supporting your request have been received, but have not yet been reviewed by an evaluator.
  • In Review: Your request is under review and no further action is required from you at this time.  A decision or contact from the Residency office should occur within 10 days. 
  • Approved: Your request was approved and your status has been changed to resident.  You will receive formal notification of your approval. 
  • Denied: Your request was denied.  An email will be sent to your @asu email address with additional information.
  • Withdrawal Warning: Your supporting documentation has not been provided.  If documents are not received within the next 7 days your petition will be withdrawn. 
  • Withdrawn: Your request has been withdrawn from consideration and will not be evaluated. 

You are responsible for paying all tuition and fees by the tuition deadline date.  Having a request for reclassification pending does not waive this responsibility.  Tuition balances not paid in full by the tuition deadline will be subject to late fees and payment plans per University policy.  IF your petition is approved, a refund of the tuition difference will be generated; however, late fees, if applied are not refunded.

There is a $50, non-refundable fee required if you are requesting reclassification as an independent student, dependent student, spouse or transferred employee.  A receipt confirming payment of this fee should be included with your submitted documentation.  Your account will be billed by the residency office if a decision on your request is rendered and you have not provided proof of payment.

Financial Aid.  Financial aid is calculated differently for residents and non-residents. Thus, if your status changes to residency, your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly. Your aid may be reduced or cancelled and you may be required to return funds already disbursed to you.  If you have questions, contact Student Financial Assistance.

Citizenship/Lawful Immigration Status.  In 2006, Arizona voters passed proposition 300 which requires all students who are classified as residents for tuition purposes to provide verification of citizenship, permanent residency or other lawful immigration status.  A student "who is not a citizen or legal resident of the United States or who is without lawful immigration status is not entitled to classification as an in-state resident." (A.R.S. §15-1803)  Please go to Citizenship/Lawful Immigration Status for additional information.

Visa Types and Residency.  Only persons who are entitled to reside permanently in the U.S. are eligible to be residents for tuition purposes. These students must still prove they also meet current ABOR guidelines for residency. Temporary, non-immigrant visas do not allow an individual to obtain a permanent status in Arizona regardless of the length of the visa or the number of times it is renewed. Resident students that are issued a non-eligible visa type will be changed to non-resident.  Please see Visa Types and Residency Eligibility List for additional information.





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