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ProMod: project-based, modular learning

ProMod is an innovative approach to a traditional college education: Participating students work closely with faculty and fellow peers by engaging and developing unique projects that apply their knowledge to real-world situations. Through this program, students are offered an opportunity to earn a variety of credits that satisfy their general studies and degree requirements by taking a single ProMod project.

Students learn better when they are working on real projects: Project-based learning stimulates ingenuity by combining classroom and research material to produce a genuine product that students can put into a portfolio. Some projects are embedded in teams and work across disciplines so there is an integration of knowledge with a single focus. The program also develops key skills employers’ desire such as communication, collaboration, and creativity through team cooperation.

Any student is welcome to join the program: Although, ProMod offers projects in certain concentrations, any ASU student enrolled in any major may enroll in ProMod. Requirements are listed in detail on each project’s page.

Contact Us:

  • Office: (480) 727-4011
  • Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Location: Payne Hall Suite 214; Tempe Campus
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