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Student Spotlight - Yazmin

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
High School: Pinnacle High School    
ASU Major: History and Political Science

Why ASU?

I chose Arizona State University because it was close to home yet still allowed me to be independent. I also appreciated the fact that ASU has a diverse student body thus allowing me the opportunity to meet others who have various ideas and thought processes allowing me to expand my horizons.    

What activities are you involved in?

During my three years at Arizona State University, I have been fortunate to be highly involved within the ASU community and the community at large. Clubs that I am involved in at ASU include: ASU Senior Council, Phi Alpha Delta, Obama Mentors and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I have also been able to intern both within the state of Arizona and in D.C. at the Governor's Office for Children, Youth and Families and the Public Forum Institute in Washington D.C. Also, as an undergraduate student I worked about 20 hours per week.

Best thing about ASU?

The best thing about being at Arizona State University are the opportunities ASU offers its students. For example, the ASU Capital Scholars program which is coordinated through the School of Government, Politics and Global Studies organizes internship opportunities in Washington D.C. Not only did this program allow me to meet my peers who have similar career goals, but it also allowed me the opportunity to network with lawyers, politicians and non-profit coordinators. This ability to network has allowed me to learn more about the field of law and to have connections in Washington D.C. that are priceless when it comes to finding internships.


Advice that I would give an incoming student would be to get involved. Many students often go though their undergraduate studies not being involved in ASU's community. There are hundreds of clubs, greek organizations, intramural teams and committees that new students can be involved in, allowing them to broaden their horizons.

Test preparation

After having taken the LSAT, I firmly believe there is no one way to prepare for the test. Whether it be taking a class, studying on your own, or creating a group to teach each other strategies; every student has a different method. I took a preparatory class and studied on my own. This mixture of techniques worked best for me. Every person finds different means to achieve their desired score.