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Student Spotlight - Odette

Hometown: Sedona, AZ
High School: Red Rock High School
ASU Major: Political Science

Why ASU?

I chose ASU for its size, weather and opportunities. I came from a small high school and I knew I wanted to be in a big city. I also loved the fact that almost everyday at ASU is sunny. Lastly, and most importantly, I knew ASU was large enough that I could be involved in multiple organizations that interested me and would provide me with further opportunities to get involved. Also, through Barrett, The Honors College at ASU, I've been fortunate to get involved with the Project Excellence courses that allow me to enroll in some law school classes at the Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law. These classes are preparing me for my future as a full time law student.

What activities are you involved in?

I am a leadership scholar through the Leadership Scholarship Program. Through the Alumni Association I am a senior council representative working continuously on the senior-year experience. I was also a Devil's Advocate for three years at ASU, the organization that gives campus tours to incoming Freshmen and their families. I have volunteered my time at various institutions throughout my tenure at ASU, currently I volunteer three to six hours a week at the local Boys and Girls Club. I have also been working as a student assistant at ASU's Computing Commons for three and a half years.

Best thing about ASU?

The Project Excellence courses provided through Barrett, The Honors College at ASU.


Get involved, it opens up more doors than any other step you can take. Also, take courses that interest you that are not related with your major, you might discover a hidden passion. And lastly, utilize every aspect of ASU, from your teachers office hours to the resume editting services at the Career Center. All of the resources at ASU are designed to improve you and make you the best student you can be.

Test preparation

I took the Princeton Review's LSAT prep course. It increased my score by 15 points. I highly recommend it.