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Student Spotlight - Natalie

Hometown: Mesa, AZ
High School:
Westwood High School    
ASU Major: History and Secondary Education    

Why ASU?

I wanted to chose a place close to home and I love the valley. Where else can you swim all year round? In addition I felt like ASU would be a great place to start my pre-med education. That’s right, I started my studies as a Sun Devil on the pre-med track. However, after three years and changing my major a few times I decided that pre-law was the best fit for me.    

What activities are you involved in?

I recently completed a year long internship as Apple’s ASU Campus Representative. Through Apple I was able to help organize technology workshops, Go Green events and charity fundraisers. Currently I am working as an LSAT instructor for Kaplan Test Prep. I love helping people improve their LSAT score by teaching them new ways of studying for the LSAT. I have also had the opportunity to serve through organizations on campus. As Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation volunteers, my sister and I have been able to conduct fundraising efforts for the annual Juvenile Diabetes Walk to Cure. Through the LDS Relief Society I have had the opportunity to help provide aid within the community, as well as large scale relief efforts for people in the United States, Mexico and Ghana. When I’m not working, studying, or with a club or organization on campus, I’m usually dancing. ASU has an amazing dance community. I have especially enjoyed Larry Caves’ ballroom dance and Ava Fleming’s Egyptian folk dance classes.  

Best thing about ASU?

I have discovered many great things about ASU in the four years that I’ve attended the school, but my best discovery was the intelligent and helpful mentors and teachers I was able to meet. Sara Lyness, in pre-law advising, was a life-saver in helping me prepare for the law school application process. Advisors, like Tom Dickson, helped me wade through courses and helped me pick the best classes and majors. In addition, some of my professors, like Rachel Fuchs, were not only brilliant and encouraging teachers, but wonderful mentors.


One of my favorite expressions is “joie de vivre,” French for “joy in life.” Work hard, don’t procrastinate and enjoy the process of college. Its over before you know it.

Test preparation

I wanted to be prepared to walk into the LSAT on test day and attack the test. One of the biggest steps I took in preparation was signing up for a LSAT course. It was greatly beneficial to have access to LSAT prep materials, knowledgeable instructors and methods that helped me reach the score I wanted on test day. In addition to the course, I studied for hours each day for six months. Near the end it began to feel like I was dating the LSAT, but it definitely paid off. I have since been accepted to numerous law schools with scholarship offers.