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Student Spotlight - Alanna

Hometown: Tucson, AZ    
High School: University High School    
ASU Major: Economics    

Why ASU?

I chose ASU because of Barrett, The Honors College. When I came to visit during the spring of my senior year, I had a great time visiting with Barrett faculty and staff, meeting Barrett students and wandering the center complex. What drew me in was the community aspect of Barrett. It was very similar to the community aspect at my high school.    

What activities are you involved in?

I worked for the School of Human Evolution and Social Change as well as volunteered with Camp Sparky and Community Outreach and Advocacy for Refugees.

Best thing about ASU?

The best thing about being at ASU is all the opportunities available. The students and four campuses really make a difference when it comes to clubs and events. When I was deciding among the clubs, I selected those that I thought had cool people or a worthwhile cause. I did not think that after three and a half years in the same clubs that they would all come together and form the foundation for my desire to study law and the legal system. It was a nice surprise and a good end to my time at ASU.  


I would tell them all the clichés: have fun with your friends, work hard in your classes and make the most of your college experience. Honestly, what else can I say when those clichés do such a good job of summing it all up?

Test preparation

I took the LSAT. My preparation included taking Powerscore's 10-week online course. I recommend Powerscore because the material is clear, systematic and abundant.