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Have You Considered Becoming a Lawyer?

Students aspiring to be lawyers should be aware of the true nature of the legal profession. DiscoverLaw is a great website for students just starting the process of exploring law.

Less than 10 percent of all lawyers ever go into the courtroom. Most members of the bar devote the bulk of their effort to the humbler aspects of the law — research, preparation of briefs, client relations, etc.

A significant number of American law school graduates don't practice law. Instead, they occupy positions in business or government, utilizing their legal education indirectly.

How to explore law as a career:

  • Speak with practicing and non-practicing lawyers. Find out both the positive and negative aspects of the job.
  • Explore different fields of law; are you interested in criminal law? bankrupcy? corporate law? What do these lawyers actually do with their time? Are they concentrated in a certain part of the country?

It is recommended that you discuss the positive and negative aspects of their job. Explore the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) and The American Bar Association Division of Public Education.

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