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LIA 484 Internship


ASU students may receive credit for a law-related internship secured individually through LIA 484. All students are graded on a pass/fail basis and receive three hours of LIA 484 internship credit. Although legal internships are not required for law school, these internships can help students gain insight into the field of law. Law-related internships can also help students develop a strong personal statement as part of the law school application process.

Taking LIA 484

  1. Find a law-related internship. ASU Career Services can help you find an internship and we have some resources to get you started, but currently we are not offering a specific internship through our office.
  2. Email the Pre-Law Advisor, Mary Nadarski, at with your major and basic information about the internship or call 480-965-2365 to schedule an appointment.
  3. Complete an Internship Contract and Affiliation Agreement through your employer and return documents to Pre-Professional Advising for access to enroll in LIA 484.
  4. Send 15 email journal entries about your internship experience. You will spread these emails consistently throughout your internship.
  5. Write an Experience Report, due by the end of the term.

LIA 484 is a pass/fail course. You will receive a Y or E based on the acceptable fulfillment of course requirements. Along with the completed hours of your internship, email journals and final experience paper, we require a site supervisors's evaluation of your work. In order to enroll in the course, you must have a GPA of 3.00 or higher.


Internships contribute to a student's education by providing them with real world experiences and opportunities to enhance their coursework and help them make career-decisions. A law-related internship is not required for entrance into law school, but can aid in the development of a students' career goals and give them a better understanding of the law field. As an intern you should work closely with your supervisor to gain meaningful experiences. You should choose your internship based on your interests. In addition, your internship should help you evaluate yourself as a professional and as a potential employee in a law firm. Take this opportunity to build on your resume and professional portfolio. Be sure to add to your network as they will be important once you enter law school.



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