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Student Spotlight - Katelyn

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

High School: Desert Mountain High School

ASU Major: Bachelor of Science in biochemistry

Why ASU?

When I first considered ASU I was very impressed with both the biochemistry and theatre departments. I knew I wanted to pursue both subjects. When the advisors at ASU told me that I could pursue both programs, I thought that I might have found my school. After receiving an academic scholarship that covered my tuition, room and board, and a talent scholarship from the theater department, I knew that this opportunity was too good to turn down.

What activities are you involved in?

Employment: I currently tutor middle and high school students in math and science. Last summer I also became a student researcher in the applied nanobioscience department at ASU’s Biodesign Institute where I focused my research on mechanical properties of thin biofilms as it relates to the study of malignant transformations. Working at the Biodesign Institute was an important step in my process of one day becoming a doctor as it provided valuable lab experience and multiple publishing opportunities.

Volunteer: Every Tuesday I volunteer at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in the oncology wing. I spend most of my time in the Out Patient Infusion Department (OPIV). I make sure patients in OPIV are comfortable and help the physicians and nurses in anyway I can. I consider my time at Mayo to be one of my most valuable experiences, not only because I have learned so much from the patients at the clinic, but because it has also opened up many additional opportunities such as shadowing physicians, observing surgeries and participating in Mayo pre-med programs.

In my free time at ASU I participate in the Barack Obama Scholars Program as a mentor, and I am a Health Devil through the pre-health program. I am also still very passionate about theater and film. Whenever I can I act on stage and in film, both regionally and at ASU.  

Best thing about ASU

During my time at ASU, I have been most appreciative of the endless opportunities this school has provided me. No matter what I have been interested in, ASU has provided information, guidance, internships and more. In four short years I have worked, volunteered, researched and performed at ASU. Few universities offer such a wide variety of activities and opportunities.

Advice for students considering the pre-health program

In order to take advantage of the endless opportunities ASU offers you have to get involved. I wish that I would have gotten to know my teachers sooner and been more forward when it came to participating in different activities. I would advise anyone to get to know your teachers right away. Do not be afraid to visit during office hours and ask questions. I would also encourage anyone to join different clubs, volunteer groups, etc. Getting involved early is one of the best things you can do during your time at ASU.