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Student Spotlight - Aaron

Hometown: Peoria, AZ

High School: Sunrise Mountain High School

ASU Major: Bachelor of Science in nutrition, concentration in human nutrition

Why ASU?

I chose ASU because it is close to home. Though my original reasoning wasn’t well thought out, I am absolutely happy with my choice. I have had such great experiences with the students, professors and the advisers I have encountered here at ASU. 

What activities are you involved in?

Volunteering: I volunteer each week at Phoenix Children's Hospital spending time with patients and their families in one of the playrooms.

Clubs: I am a member of the ASU Health Devils, a group of upperclassmen students who represent the Health Professions Advising Office by way of peer mentoring, etc.

Internship: I will soon be starting a pre-medical internship with Maricopa Integrated Health Systems through a class offered at ASU, BIO 390. The internship offers clinical experience throughout the semester along with preparation for applying to the professional school of your choice.

Best thing about ASU

The best part about being at ASU, in terms of pre-health, is the intelligent and driven students I get to know in class. While many students have similar goals, everyone has a different story and a different way of doing things. I love learning from and working with such a variety of students.

Advice for students considering the pre-health program

Open up and get to know people. One of the most useful and enjoyable parts of college is meeting and working with others who have similar interests. Professors, in general, are surprisingly receptive to students who work hard and show interest in the subject.

Relax. Putting in the effort and time needed to earn the grades you want is a given, but falling short of this goal for one introductory biology class is not the end of the world. Especially early in your college career, there is time to improve and there are resources available if you need help. Get a tutor or talk to an adviser. If you are not performing to the level you want then something needs to change.

Good luck.