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Letters of Recommendation

Step 1

Complete and submit applicant information form

  • Your file will hold this form and the letters of recommendation as they arrive at our office.
  • As letters are received, they will be documented in an internal tracking system. Please call 480-965-2365 to check on how many letters you have received in our offices. 

    Step 2

    Obtain letters of recommendation from professors, volunteer supervisor, health professionals, employers and/or other individuals who could write a strong personal letter on your behalf.

    • Student waiver forms must be filled out by the student and given to the people who are writing your letters of recommendation. The reference should send a copy of this waiver form to the Health Professions Advising Office along with their letter.
    • It is best that you provide the reference with a resume, personal statement and/or biography. The more information the reference has about you the better.
    • It is recommended that you obtain a minimum of two science faculty letters, one non-science faculty, one health professional and one undergraduate research letter (if applicable). There is no limit on the number of letters you can submit to our offices.

    It is your responsibility to find out the types of letters each school you are applying to requires or prefers. Advisors will not divulge, nor are they responsible for, the content, quality, length or other characteristics of a letter.

    Step 3

    Once all letters and student waiver forms have been received, you may request your letters of recommendation to be sent to AAMCAS, AACOMAS or AADSAS by completing the Request for Letters of Recommendation to be Sent form.

    Primary Contact/Letter Writer information

    Christina Blanco
    Office Assistant/Receptionist Senior

    MD and DO Instructions

    • Letters are uploaded into 1 pdf file. You must provide the names of the reference, the year the letter was written and the order in which you want them uploaded in the pdf scan. Along with this you must provide all correct ID numbers. 
    • DO Applicants Only: You must also specify the exact schools you wish your letters to be uploaded to for all DO schools you are applying to.
    • Students applying to DO schools must submit $20 in cash, check or credit card to Arizona State University Pre-Health Offices for VirtualEval Portal processing fee.  You must pay this fee after all of your letters of recommendation have arrived and after you have submitted the Request to Send Letters form. You may pay in person with any payment option, or by calling our office at 480-965-2365 to pay with a credit card.

    Dental Instructions

    • Fill out AADSAS application as committee/packet letter.
    • List Christina Blanco as your letter writer/point of contact, her information is found above.
    • Christina will then receive an email from AADSAS that you have completed your application. You are still required to fill out a request to send letters of recommendation form. We will only upload letters once we have both the email from AADSAS and the request to send form. 
    • Dental applicants do not need to pay the $20 processing fee, as your letters are uploaded using a different system.

    Other Requests for Letters of Recommendation

    You may need to request your letters to be sent to a Caribbean school or to another process such as TMDSAS. A request to send form is still required for these processes. For Caribbean schools we will need exact addresses to the schools admissions offices as well as which letters you wish to send. For TMDSAS, please follow the directions for MD and DO however, you will only need to provide the TMDSAS ID number instead of AAMCAS or AACOMAS ID numbers. 

    For further information, students may contact the Pre-Health Professions Advising Office directly via phone at 480-965-2365 or via email to