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Biology 390 Pre-Medical Internship & LIA 484 Pre-Health Internship

Both BIO 390 and LIA 484 courses provide first hand experience in the health care setting of today for the premedical student. The courses are designed to test the student's suitability for a career in medicine. This is accomplished by time spent in emergency, surgical, dental or other health care related departments, augmented by several physician lectures. How students function in this environment illuminates with clarity both positive and negative non-cognitive characteristics. This course accurately reveals interpersonal skills and exposes a student's attitude, maturity level, integrity, ability to accept responsibility and common sense. Students with poorly developed non-cognitive characteristics typically do not excel in these courses. The evaluators are emergency or surgical department supervisors and staff personnel. These evaluations are included with all medical and dental applicants' letter of evaluation packets. All students are graded on a pass/fail basis and receive three semester hours of credit. 

LIA 484 is a more generalized internship. Students could be placed in a variety of internship sites. Locations and experiences at these sites will vary and may encompass all types of healthcare. Students will work with the Pre-Health Internship Program through the Office of Clinical Partnerships to secure an internship site. Alternatively, students who have already secured a weekly internship site may also apply for LIA 484. 

LIA 484 is also available for the summer semester. As BIO 390 is not offered during the summer, students completing LIA 484 will work directly with Mary Nadarski to complete their coursework.

Applications to BIO 390 may be found here. Students interested in LIA 484 should make an appointment with the Pre-Professional Advising Office at 480-965-2365. Questions regarding BIO 390 or LIA 484 should be directed to Mary Nadarski.

BIO 390 Internship

Students in BIO 390 will complete a weekly rotation in the Emergency Room at either Banner University or Honor Healthcare. . During their rotation, students will perform a variety of tasks overseen by the hospital staff. You may only apply for one BIO 390 internship location. Once you have applied, you will be given information about submitting documentation for the hospitals. Please be aware that students are not allowed to add BIO 390 to their class schedule until they have been accepted to the internship. This can take up until the day before classes begin because we need confirmation from the hospitals that you are ready to start. BIO 390 Internship Application.

Banner University Hospital
  • Students will complete a 6-10 hour shift once a week in the Emergency Room
  • Students who submit a completed application will be required to do an interview with the ER staff prior to being chosen for the internship
Honor Healthcare Hospitals (Scottsdale Osborn & Scottsdale Shea)
  • Students will complete a 12-hour shift, once per week in the Emergency Room. Shifts are from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. or 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. 
  • Students are chosen for the internship on a first-come, first-served basis, determined by date of completed application and documentation
  • Required Documentation for Honor Healthcare
    • Current Negative TB Skin Test
    • Proof of Hepatitis B Vaccination Series
    • American Heart Association Level 1 CPR Card
    • DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card
    • Drug Screen will be required if you are chosen for the internship 

LIA 484 Internship

Starting Fall 2015, the Pre-Professional Advising Office will also be offering students Internship Credit through LIA 484 for Pre-Health internships not affiliated with BIO 390. Students may be placed in a variety of internship sites. Locations and experiences of these sites will vary and may encompass all types of healthcare. Students who do not already have an internship site will work with the Pre-Health Internship Program through the Office of Clinical Partnerships for placement. The Pre-Professional Advising Office will still continue to teach the course and provide all other information. Alternatively, students who have found an internship site on their own may also apply to LIA 484.

Students in LIA 484 will also be required to attend the BIO 390 lectures. If you have not met with the Pre-Professional Advising Office, you will need to do so before completing documentation for LIA 484 and to add the course. To schedule an appointment, please call 480-965-2365.


All students wishing to complete either BIO 390 or LIA 484 must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Completed 45 credit hours (including transfer). Freshmen are not permitted to apply.
  2. Have a 3.2 GPA or higher.
  3. Have completed at least three of the core Pre-Health pre-requisite courses. You will also be considered if you are enrolled at the time of application.
  4. Attend BIO 390 lectures. Class day and time may be found in the class search.


Once a student has submitted a general application for either BIO 390 or LIA 484, they should visit Pre-Health Internship - Office of Clinical Partnerships for more information and next steps, including general information and responsibilities. For questions about submitting forms and documentation, please contact Christina Islas at

Regardless of a student's qualifications, the instructor and the internship site have the right to deny any student entrance to the BIO 390/490 class.

  1. Attend general orientation (mandatory-without attendance, your internship enrollment will be forfeited).
  2. Attend the orientation with specific internship organization.
  3. Attend six to twelve hours per week in a specific health care site.
  4. Bio 390 students may be required to purchase a uniform top (approx. $20.00).
  5. BIO 390 students will need to complete Online Clinical Orientation which has a one-time fee of $8.25.
  6. Classes are held at different times each semester, please check the schedule of classes. Attendance at all lectures is mandatory.
  7. Attend wrap-up session at the end of the semester.

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