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Scholarship award funding


Financial Aid and Scholarship Services is committed to awarding ASU departmental scholarships in a timely manner. 

In accordance with FIN 203, spending should be managed so that accounts do not go into deficit status. Please note that scholarship awards will not disburse to students until corresponding funds have already been transferred to the appropriate scholarship account (see below for differences regarding sponsored accounts).


Scholarships funded from:

Endowments/Annual Gifts

Local Departmental Account

  • Enter the award into the Distributed Scholarship Posting (DSP) in PeopleSoft.
  • E-mail Student Business Services, Accounting at  to request a transfer of funds from your department's local account to the appropriate Item Type. Please include the following information
  1. Local Cost Center and Program or Gift account funding the transfer
  2. Description and Item Type of the scholarship
  3. Amount of the award to be transferred
  4. Approval of a Cost Center Manager or Department Accountant
    • The unit should locate this information in Workday by searching for the Cost Center and selecting the Roles tab if they are unsure as to which employees have been designated with these roles.

Per ABOR reporting requirements, funding from General Purpose accounts can only be made to scholarships that are also located in General Purpose accounts. For more information on the rules for General Purpose funds please see Financial References. To set up a scholarship Item Type as General Purpose, please refer to Request for New Scholarship Item Type.

Sponsored Account

Please note: Items types should not be pre-funded when using a sponsored account. Because funding transfers are not allowable from local to sponsored accounts, the scholarship expense will be transferred after it has posted to the scholarship account.

  • Enter the award into the Distributed Scholarship Posting (DSP) in PeopleSoft.
  • After the award has posted, authorize disbursement.
  • Review the balance of the award via the Scholarship Balance Report in Workday to verify it posted.
  • Fill out and submit to your department’s assigned Award Management Grant and Contract Officer a Non-payroll Cost Transfer Request as outlined ASU's Research Administration's Website.
    • Include with the request the Description and Item Type of the scholarship, as well as the printout of the detailed expenses/revenue found on the Scholarship Balance Report to support the transfer.
    • Do not prepare the transfer in Workday. Once approved, The Office of Research/Sponsored Projects will forward the request to Student Business Services, Accounting at: to process the transaction in Workday.
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