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Partial Government Shutdown: Updates Related to Financial Aid

Arizona State University will continue to provide the most current information regarding federal financial aid impacted by the partial federal government shutdown. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the ongoing changes, flexibilities and exceptions published by the Department of Education.

Jan. 24

Tax Return Transcripts

If you have previously been asked for tax return transcripts, you can now fulfill this requirement by submitting a copy of your income tax return. It must be signed by the student (and spouse, If applicable). Parents may also submit signed copies of tax returns to fulfill the previous tax transcript requirement.

  • Spring and Summer 2019: submit signed 2016 tax return
  • Fall 2019: submit signed 2017 tax return
Verification of Nonfiling Letter

Students who have attempted to obtain the Verification of Nonfiling letter through the IRS and have been unsuccessful can submit the Student/Spouse Non-Tax Filing Verification form in lieu of the letter. Students will need to upload the completed form through Verification Documents Request task on My ASU in place of the request for Federal IRS Verification of Nonfiling Letter.

Jan. 9

The IRS has stated that online processes to obtain Tax Return Transcripts should be back online on Mon., Jan. 14, although it is unclear what functionality will be restored due to the shutdown.

Jan. 8

Students may submit a signed copy of the 2016 or 2017 income tax return that the tax filer submitted to the IRS or other tax authorities to verify FAFSA/ISIR income and tax return information. Copies may be uploaded in My ASU by clicking on “Verification Documents Request” in the Financing Tasks Box.

  • Spring and Summer 2019: submit 2016 tax return
  • Fall 2019: submit 2017 tax return

Jan. 3

Due to the Government Shutdown a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be impacted as it relates to the following Government Agencies: Selective Service System, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice. This means that these agency databases are not available to verify eligibility for federal aid. Therefore, schools must review and, in some cases, request documentation from students.

Students impacted by this will see a Priority Task on My ASU called “Aid File Under Review”. ASU’s Financial Aid and Scholarship Services team will review to determine if documents are required from a student impacted by the closure of these agencies.

  • If no documents are required, the “Aid File Under Review” task will be completed.
  • If documents are required from a student they will receive email notification as well as a Priority Task on My ASU called “Verification Documents Request”.
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