Merchant services and supplies

Merchant services and supplies

ASU departments can accept payment cards either online or via an EDC (electronic data capture) wired or wireless terminal once they establish a merchant account at ASU. Funds will be deposited into a university account. If these funds are to be deposited within the ASU Foundation, please reach out to your unit Business Operations Manager for further direction.

Become a merchant

To begin accepting credit cards as a form of payment, your department must be established as a merchant site through one of our banking contracts. This process takes a minimum of two to three weeks.

How it works

  • All deposits are posted to one cost center/program by Merchant Services.
  • The department does not process cashier receipts.
  • Departments can run a “Detailed Revenue Expense and Ledger Accounts” report in Workday to view the activity on their account.
  • If funds need to be subsequently allocated to another cost center/program, the department can prepare a journal entry at that time to transfer the funds from one account to another.
  • Email with any questions or to establish a merchant account.

Terminal options and fees

Below are the fees associated with accepting payments in-house via an EDC terminal.

Analog phone line (not VoIP)

  • Credit card equipment rental fee of $35.90 per month.
  • Dedicated phone line of approximately $20 per month (contact telephone services for a quote).
  • Shipping fee of approximately $15.00.
  • Visa and MasterCard processing fees of approximately 2.5%.


  • Credit card equipment rental fee of $49.90 per month.
  • Wireless signal fee of $12.50 per month. 
  • One time wireless activation fee of $40.00.
  • Shipping fee of approximately $15.00.
  • Visa and MasterCard processing fees of approximately 2.5%.

To become a merchant, please complete the following:

Online payment options

Due to the strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), we have implemented a university-wide standard solution for conferences or registrations and online payments for individual departments. To process payment cards online, departments have two options:

  1. Nelnet QuikPAY - Establish a link from your website to Nelnet’s QuikPAY secure payment portal. QuikPAY is strictly the payment card processing system for your website and requires technical resources as it involves programming on your end and thorough testing prior to implementation.
  2. Aventri - is an event management system that includes event registration software which can provide credit card processing for event fees and event related merchandise. To use Aventri, ASU personnel may request an account through the My ASU Service Now catalog. Information on login, training options and support information is provided in the welcome email sent when an account is activated. For more information email In addition to an Aventri account, you will also need to establish a merchant account to collect the funds. Create a merchant account by submitting a QuikPAY Account Creation, Update or Deactivation Request in ServiceNow

Online payment processing fees

  • Visa and MasterCard interchange rate of approximately 2.5%.
  • American Express and Discover interchange rate of approximately 2.5%.
  • Transactional fee of $0.25 per transaction.
  • Annual QuikPAY fee of $17.50.
  • Annual MasterCard fee of $15.00.

All payment card processing is coordinated through Merchant Services. Email with any questions or to establish a merchant account.