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Receive your loans

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For each semester, the disbursement of any loan requires you to:

  • Be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits for undergrads and 5 credits for grads)
  • Have your financial aid file complete
  • Have your loans accepted before the end of the term (see the financial aid calendar for dates and times)
  • Have completed master promissory notes and loan entrance counseling (our office must receive notification of completion)

Disbursement Information

  • If your loan period is for both the fall and spring semester, the first half of your funds will disburse in the fall semester. The second half will disburse in the spring semester.
  • Graduating students attending one term only are the only students eligible to apply for a single term loan. Please see our One-Semester Financial Aid policy for additional details.

Private Education Loan Borrowers Only

  • The Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form must be completed by the student and submitted to the lender before disbursement can occur.
  • All lenders of private education loans are required to provide you, the student borrower, three business days from the time you receive the Loan Consummation Disclosure Statement to change your mind and cancel your private education loan if you wish. This means that from the date you receive the Loan Consummation Disclosure Statement, allowing for mail and processing times, your private education loan will disburse within 8 to 10 business days. Lenders and schools are prohibited by federal regulations from disbursing funds until the cancellation period has passed. This is a newly implemented federal regulation, not an ASU policy. Please contact your lender if you have questions regarding this policy.

Please note: It will take approximately 21 to 28 business days from the time ASU receives your private education loan certification request from the lender, until the private education loan funds are actually disbursed into your student account.