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Late Registration: Barrett, the Honors College

Courses beginning with the prefix HON are offered by Barrett, The Honors College.  To register for an HON class after the drop/add deadline, honors students are required to follow the instructions listed below.


Instructions to Student (complete the following steps in the order in which they are listed):

  1. Fill out an enrollment request form.  Include the Class #, Course Subject & Number, Number of Units of Credit to be added or
    dropped/swapped. 1, 2
  2. On the back of the form, include: 1) student email, 2) student major, 3) title and name of instructor supervising HON course, 4) total number of credits for the semester including the HON course being added/dropped, and 5) reason for requesting a late enrollment change.
  3. Obtain instructor approval and signature. 3, 4
  4. Sign the enrollment request form.
  5. Bring the completed enrollment request form to the Honors Advising Office on your campus.
  6. Honors Advising will review your submission and obtain college signatures and stamps. You may be contacted to provide additional information.
  7. If approved, your Enrollment Change Request form will then be emailed to the Registrar’s Office for processing, and you will see the change on your schedule.  

For questions, please call the Honors Academic Advising Office at 480-965-9155.  

1 If adding this course will take you over the 18 credit hour limit (or 19 credit hours for Fulton Engineering majors), you must obtain approval from your major advisor for the overload prior to submitting your Enrollment Change Request.
2 If you are dropping a course, be certain to consider the minimum number of hours required to retain financial aid.
3 Many classes have attendance policies.  Ask the instructor if adding the class late counts as absence.
4 You should ask the instructor if you will be allowed to makeup the work you missed by adding this class late.