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Late Registration: College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

To process a registration transaction after the posted deadline, you are required to obtain authorization. Prior to the posted deadlines, no approvals are needed. Students who wish to request a late registration transaction must follow the instructions listed below. Requests are reviewed on an individual basis; there is no guarantee that a late request will be approved as you are requesting an exception to university policy.

Request to Add a course, or Swap sections of the same course offered by the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

The course must be open and course pre-requisites must be met or overrides must have been authorized and posted. 

  1. Complete the enrollment change request form.
  2. Obtain the instructor’s signature*.
  • Late add requests will be considered with instructor approval during the following time frames:
    • First week of A and B session courses
    • Second week of C session courses
    • Any late add requests beyond these timeframes will not be considered. 1

 3.  Students may submit late enrollment change request forms to obtain the school signatures/stamp at the following sites:

  1. Allow at least a 24 hour turn-around, then go back to the submission site and pick up the form.
  2. If approved, submit the approved form to University Registrar Services (Student Services Building 140 or any registrar location).

*If you are an ASU Online student an email verification of approval from the instructor can be substituted for the signature

Request to Drop a course offered by the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Requests to drop a course offered by the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts after the drop/add deadline are not considered.1 You can process a course withdrawal request after the drop/add deadline. A withdrawal will remove the class from your current schedule and will result in a grade of ‘W’ on your official transcript.  The grade of ‘W’ has no impact on your grade point average (GPA). You should review the deadlines for course withdrawals. 

Request to Withdraw from a course offered by the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Requests to withdraw from a CISA course after the course withdrawal deadline are not considered.1 You may consider a complete withdrawal.

1The Faculty Head of the department within the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts offering the course may approve a late add, late dropor late withdrawal for an CISA course due to extenuating or extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control. Student must outline extenuating circumstances on the back of the enrollment change request form and provide a written statement of support from the instructor of the course.