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Important Dates | more
Mar 1

2015-2016 FAFSA Filing Priority Date

Submit your FAFSA before ASU's priority filing date of March 1 each year to maximize the amount of aid you receive. Eligible students who apply by this date have a greater chance of receiving need-based aid. The priority filing date is not a deadline, so still submit your FAFSA even if the priority filing date has passed.

Mar 1

Obama Scholars Application Deadline

You must submit your FAFSA and have a complete ASU admissions application on file (application, test scores, transcripts and application fee) in order to be considered for the Obama Scholars Program. This deadline applies to both incoming freshmen and current Obama Scholars. For more information about the Obama Scholars Program, please click here. Meeting criteria and deadline dates does not guarantee placement in the program as funding is limited and the program will close when available funds have been exhausted.

*There are no exceptions to these dates. The FAFSA must be free of errors and the admissions application with all necessary materials must be complete to be eligible for consideration. Be sure to apply early in order to resolve any errors or issues before the deadline dates.

Mar 12

Spring 2015 Disbursement Begins (session B only)

For students enrolled in session B only - Financial Aid and Scholarship Services begins the process of disbursement on March 03, 2015, however, the first refunds to students via mail or direct deposit will begin on March 12, 2015. All financial aid tasks listed on My ASU must be completed and student must be enrolled to receive first available disbursement. Disbursements will be made periodically once classes begin. For more details, please click here. Your disbursement date may be different if you are in a dynamically dated course (i.e., a course that is not a session A, B or C course).

Mar 17

Spring 2015 SAP Review Form Deadline

Submit your Satisfactory Academic Progress Review form before this date in order to appeal any SAP violation for the spring 2015 semester. Appeals submitted after this date will be considered only for regaining eligibility for the next semester.

Mar 17

Spring 2015 Census Date (session B)

For students enrolled in session B (including students enrolled in sessions A or C): For more info regarding ASU's financial aid census policy, please click here. This policy affects your award amounts. Your census date may be different if you are in a dynamically dated course (i.e., a course that is not a session A, B or C course).

May 9

Last Day to Accept Spring 2015 Loans

At 5 p.m. [Arizona time], any loans that are not accepted by the student will not be eligible for disbursement. Applies to all students not attending the following summer semester (e.g., students graduating at the end of spring).