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Foster Youth Admission

Like most high school students, you may be wondering if you can go to college and what steps you need to take to get there. We encourage you to stay on track academically so you are prepared to meet the ASU admission requirements and the academic rigor of a college education.

Your application for admission

Submit your admission application as early as possible — ideally during the summer between your junior and senior year of high school. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you understand the application process and find the resources you will need to become a Sun Devil.  

What you’ll need to apply for admission to ASU


You must have a social security number to apply for admission to ASU.

Send your official high school transcripts to:

Admission Services
Arizona State University
PO Box 870112
Tempe, AZ 85287-0112

Take one or both of these college aptitude tests your junior year. If you take the tests early, you will have time to retake the test for a higher score, should you choose to do so.

  • Test scores are not a requirement for admissions, but ASU must have a test score on file to award merit based scholarships. Having test scores on file can only help you. Use our scholarship estimator to see how increasing your test score can earn you more scholarship money.
  • You will have the choice to select up to four schools to have your scores mailed to for free. Make sure to request that your test scores be sent to ASU. If you wait until later to request this, you will be charged $15 by the test provider, per request. ASU will accept your best score from either test.
  • If you are unable to pay the test fee, be sure to talk to your high school counselor and ask for a test fee waiver. Both ACT and SAT offer waivers and foster students automatically qualify.

Your school has a designated ASU representative that can help guide you through the application, picking a campus and major, financial aid and many other important questions. Your representative has scheduled visits to your high school. Contact your representative.

You may also contact Bethany Wills with questions about applying to Arizona State University.

To begin evaluating your application for admission, ASU must have your completed online application, your official high school transcripts and your application fee (or fee waiver form).

  • The earlier you submit your application the better. Don’t wait until your seventh semester grades post. Complete your application and request your transcripts from the registrar as soon as school starts.
  • You can complete the application and fee waiver and send us your ACT or SAT test scores after you take the test. There is no need to wait. We will update your file with new test scores every time you send them to us.
  • The fastest way to know the progress of your application is to check My ASU regularly. ASU uses this page to notify you of your application progress, next steps and any missing items.

If necessary, you can request an application fee waiver from your high school counselor.