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2016-2017 Pell Overpayment Status Verification

The Department of Education has notified ASU that you have received one or more overpayments of the Federal Pell Grant.  You are required, by law, to repay any Federal Pell Grant funds for which you were not entitled.  Until your overpayment has been resolved (i.e., repaid), you are ineligible to receive any federal student aid, including loans.  Financial Aid and Scholarship Services requires documentation to verify that you have resolved (i.e., repaid) the overpayment.  

This item holds the awarding and disbursement of financial aid if it is listed on your task list on My ASU.  You can view your document status on your My ASU Finances page.  Please allow 2-3 business days to show receipt in your My ASU Financing Tasks.


  1. Pay the amount owed.  For information on what is owed, call the Department of Education at 1-800-621-3115 or log into My Federal Student Aid with your FSA ID.
  2. After you have resolved (i.e., repaid) the Pell Overpayment, please contact the Department of Education at 1-800-621-3115 to obtain a “Title IV Eligibility Letter.”  This letter will be mailed directly to you.  ASU cannot request this letter on your behalf.  The letter must state that your Pell Overpayment is paid in full.   
  3. Once you receive the “Title IV Eligibility Letter” by mail, attach it to the 16-17 Pell Grant Overpayment Resolution Verification form below and submit to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.   


Download Forms: 

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