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Citizenship/Status Verification Form

This is used for verification of citizenship or other lawful presence in the United States in order for students to be eligible for consideration of resident tuition and for aid funded in part or whole by state funding.   For more information, see Verification of Citizenship or Lawful Presence. Processing time is approximately 2-3 business days from the date documentation is submitted.

Option 1: Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The easiest (and preferred) method of verification for most students is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students verified via the FAFSA do not need to provide any additional documentation.  The ASU task is cleared when the Office of Financial Aid at ASU receives and accepts your FAFSA (typically 5-7 days after the FAFSA is submitted to the US Department of Education).  To ensure timely completion of this item, all students are encourage to submit their FAFSA’s as early as possible (the priority filing date is March 1).  This task item is not cleared if the  student’s FAFSA is rejected by the Office of Financial Aid until corrections to the FAFSA are made.    

Option 2: Submit Verification Documents

If you are not verified through the FAFSA process then you will need to submit your documents online or by email or mail.  

Submit online


Mail to: 
Arizona State University
University Registrar Services 
P.O. Box 870312
Tempe, AZ 85287-0312

Email to:

If you submit your documents by email or mail you must include signed copy of Verification Form along with a legible image of acceptable documentation.

If your status is not verified you will be charged non-resident tuition.  It is your responsibility to review your status and provide appropriate information in order to ensure your tuition status accurately reflects your standing.

If you have questions about the verification process or concerns about the ability to provide documentation, contact University Registrar Services at 480-965-3124 as soon as possible.


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